Commodities and Globalization essay

The term “globalization” refers to the growing exchange of information, ideas, goods, services, partnerships, and cultures between people, nations, and states. Actually, it involves economic integration methods that take cultural elements into account. This study aims to examine the globalization and usage of the Ethan Allen coffee table by various users around the world. It talks about how the product is created, offered to potential customers, and how market changes affect it (Schwartz, Alexandra 2015). Additionally, it emphasizes the company’s values, its relationships, and the commodification of Ethan Allen coffee tables. Ethan Allen Company is an American based furniture store headquartered at Danbury, Connecticut. It has numerous stores across US, Europe, Canada, Asia and Middle East. It was founded in 1932 by Nathan S. Ancell and Theodore Baumritter. The company deals in making and selling of different forms of furniture including the coffee table. The table is built in classic designs, has unmatched quality and its longevity is exceptional. The traditional American made furniture was rebranded to fit being the contemporary master providing the best taste of coffee tables in the global market.

There are different shapes of the coffee tables ranging from square, rectangular and round tables. Additionally, the table style has various forms which includes, glass top, stone top, decorative top and wood top. They have inventive designs, very clear engineering work, very fine materials and a masterful craftsmanship. These unique designs make the coffee tables increasingly have a wide range of customers who are willing to have the best furniture item in their living rooms (Kim & Kelsey 2017). The wooden coffee table is made from Bigleaf mahogany timber which is a very tough and quality timber with great longevity. Bigleaf mahogany is largely produced in Central America and it has higher demand from the Ethan Allen Company which makes most of its products from mahogany species. Different parts like stand and top are joined together to make up a complete table which is ready for sale after decorations and coloring. Prices of the coffee tables are then determined after a set is completed by the company and posted in the company website and other available stores where customers decide then to purchase the coffee tables. Ethan Allen has equally different commodification which ranges from wiston round coffee table which is large with greyish color to windward rectangular coffee table. The commodification of the coffee tables create different and nice brands that offer variety to be chosen from by the increased demand.

As far as the discipline for making the coffee tables are adhered to, the product demand remains constant or even more demand is seen when a thorough marketing of the coffee table brands are done reaching a significant number of people. Such practices are done using company’s online website, social media platforms, and television ads among many others. Customers of these coffee tables love their uniqueness and best quality hence do not entertain buying a cheaper or low quality coffee tables. Most of the coffee table products can be delivered by the company to specific destinations on an order from the customer.

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