College and Personal Growth

Growth and Motivation

Growth is characterised by various stages the place individuals learn newer matters to help them adapt to the future life. Therefore, my decision to join university at this time was motivated by the wish to grow. This growth is characterized by the expertise gained and experiences that can help me lead a better lifestyles in the future.

Professional Skills and Training

The first major reason why I decided to go to university is to gain professional skills. In life, one of the most important and effortlessly convertible resource is labor. Through training, one enhances their skills and knowledge and can appeal to higher wages from employers in order to meet their needs.

Socialization and Getting Along

My decision to come to college was informed by the need to socialize and learn how to get along. I believed that I would meet different people from varying background who will help me learn how to get along with different people in future. I intent to enhance my ability to socialize and get along with people by making friends from different backgrounds and understanding them well.

Influence of Others' Experiences

Most of the people close to me have gone through college. Their stories about the experiences that they had during their time in college made me desire to join college. My parents and older friends and relatives tell stories that show that college was a very important stage in their development.

College as a Key Institution

From a young age, I have had a feeling that college is a key institution that helps and individual rediscover themselves and get braced for the future life and the challenges that come along. Through training, socialization and other experiences in college, I will be ready to join social, economic and political institutions and meet the expectations of those around me.

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