Chronicles of a Death Foretold

Angela Vicario's Story

Angela Vicario is me. I hail from the well-known Vicario family in this city. Pedro and Pablo Vicario, who are my identical twin siblings, are people I adore despite the fact that they occasionally make me very angry. They would do anything, though, to protect me from danger. While I can't really boast about our family's wealth, I am certain that I will marry a wealthy guy in the future. After all, Santiago Nasar and I have always had a relationship. He now oversees a property that his late father left behind. In the end, I will accept him if the worst happens. Nasar’s, after all, are the richest family in this town.

New Guy in Town

Talking of which, I have noticed a new guy in town. I am not sure of the period he has been around, but he looks wealthy. Wealthier than the Nasar’s. He is appealing. He looks like a man I would marry, with or without love. Huh! I am attractive, very attractive! Definitely, I will use my beauty, charm and wit to win his heart. I am sure my family will be proud of me, especially my twin brothers. They will have something to brag about in the city, knowing that their sister will be part of the richest family. Bayardo San Roman is his name. I have interacted a couple of times with him, and he seems serious enough to put a ring on it. Well, I will just hang in there and see what this relationship will bring forth.

The Marriage

Romano is in town for the sole purpose of finding a wife! I guess the intention is mutual because I too feel ready to settle with a man; rich and wealthy to elevate my status and that of my relatively poor family. In Romano, I find that very specific man, even though I must confess that I do not really love him. Of course, mother will hear none of it! She always tells me about “that non-existent love”. “. You will find love along the way”, she says. Anyway, it has been a short period of courtship with Romano, we exchanged nuptials and here I am: Mrs. Bayardo San Romano for what promises to be a happily-ever-after marriage.

Secrets and Regrets

My illusions and nice fantasies of a happy marriage might not last to see the light of day if Romano finds out some secrets. I will hold on to them, maybe, with time we will be open enough to talk about it. he definitely does not know about my virginity status, so, I will handle that when we get there.

A Nightmare Unfolds

Now, look at me. I hate myself right now. I cannot believe Romano did this. Even though I am at fault for not informing him about my virginity status, he should have approached this issue more maturely. Having to take me back to my mother’s place is the worst nightmare. It is awful that I had to drag Nasar into this. I am afraid he has to bear the consequences, but let me pray and hope that my two daring brothers will not kill him as they promised.

The Consequences of Choices

All this bad blood, because of my choices? Because of losing my virginity to someone I once loved? Because I did not end up with the guy? Honestly, Romano did not inquire from me if I was a virgin. We courted for a very short period of time, and before I know it, I am married. We should have taken things slow. Maybe, that way, we would have come to terms with each other’s flaws. For that, I will not blame myself fully. However, I will try as much as I can to win Romano back.

The Struggles Continue

Come to think of it, my mother beat me up! My brothers have harassed me and scared the hell out of me. Nasar is at risk! My marriage is broken, in less than twenty-four hours. What next? I am emotionally broken, drained and tortured. Sometimes I tend to think that I cannot handle myself when people behave this way around me. I try to find strength and solace in my family, but it turns out that they are really mad at me more than I am mad at myself. Too much suffering for just a simple mistake.

A Glimpse of Hope

A few days have passed. I love Romano deeply, now more than ever! What I am feeling for him is overwhelming, despite all the pain and anger he put me through. I guess God works in mysterious ways! Can you believe it? After throwing me out, having to go through my mother and my brothers, I have profound love for this man! Romano. Wow! It is insane. I will have to fix myself, despite him having left the city. I will try, by all means possible and within my power, to come up with a plan and find a way to talk to him.

Writing Letters

Yes! I absolutely know what to do. Romano can run away from me, but he cannot hide. So, I have written my first letter to him. I will let him know how much I love and how much I miss him. I will make it a weekly routine, and I know that Romano will eventually come back to me.

Waiting for a Reply

Seventeen years have gone by now, and Romano has never replied to any of my letters. Sometimes I feel like giving up, but because I honestly and genuinely love him, I will write to him until I get a reply. Sometimes I have awful thoughts; I guess I am only human, but his silence kills me at times. Might he be dead? Might he have moved on and married another woman? Does he ever think about me? Does he know of my existence?

The Unexpected Return

In the middle of all this, Romano has finally appeared. It turns out that he always got my letters. He always read them. He always thought about me and he never moved on, just like me. Nothing can express my happiness right now. Nothing! I knew he would eventually come back, but I did not think it would be this soon. I have proven beyond doubt, anyway, that I was willing to make it work. I cannot thank my deity enough! Having my husband back, after all those years, makes me believe in love again. It makes me believe in my happy ever after, even though all those years were wasted. But all in all, nothing is lost. Of course, a lot has happened and a lot has changed. I choose not to think about Nasar’s death, I choose not to think about my family, especially the two brothers. My focus is on my man. My husband, my love, my happy ever after. He is my happy place and that is my place, now till the end of time.

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