Children of Men, Julian, and Nigel

When infertility threatens to wipe mankind off the face of the earth

A disillusioned bureaucrat becomes an unlikely hero in a desperate struggle for survival. In the process, he must battle his own demons and protect the last hope for mankind on Earth. But what if he doesn't have the power to stop the infertility crisis in time? Will he be able to save the last hope for mankind?

Theo Faron

Unlike his previous film, CHILDREN OF MEN deals with an important societal issue instead of a personal one. Infertility threatens humanity's very existence, and Theo Faron must confront his demons to protect humanity's last hope. A documentary-style camerawork allows readers to witness the events of the film, and its themes are both religious and human. Ultimately, Children of Men is a powerful, uplifting story.


In "Kee children of men", the titular character is a refugee from a country in West Africa where humans first emerged. Kee is pregnant with a child of men, and Luke finds a car to drive her to a safe house on a farm where the Fishes live. In the final scene, Kee names the child Dylan, which is a perfect evocation of Theo and Julian's message to each other.


The sequel to Julian, children of men, is out in theaters this Friday! The story follows the lives of Julian, Luke, and Theo, two militant immigrants' rights activists. Their relationship begins in a protest crowd. They later fall in love and have a son. Sadly, their son dies during the 2008 Flu Pandemic. Luke and Julian continue their struggle, but Luke is not the only one who suffers from this tragic turn of events.


In the book of Micah, there is a mention of Miriam. In the Talmud, she is ranked with Aaron and Moses, despite being a woman. While in Egypt, she saw the pain of her people and prayed unceasingly for a better future. Miriam's role in the birth of Jesus is crucial to understanding his character. She is a symbol of faith and a leader for women.


In Nigel and the Children of Men, Danny Huston plays a man who visits his cousin, a museum that holds artistic artifacts against all hope. Michelangelo's David stands at the museum's entrance. An inflatable pig floats in an industrial space. Handel's War, He Sung, Is Toil and Trouble echoes over their conversation. Both art and people feel devalued and empty.

Danny Huston

The Children of Men is a science fiction film set in 2027. The world's youngest citizen has just died, and the survivors are in desperate need of new heroes. The story follows a disillusioned bureaucrat named Theo, who becomes an unlikely champion for Earth's survival. The film is based on the novel by P.D. James, which was released in 2006.

Sigur Ros

The anniversary of Sigur Ros' Children of Men is a tumultuous one for politics and culture, with many thinkpieces linking Brexit and the election of Donald Trump to the song. However, the film itself is more of a pre-science than a prediction, as it builds a world in which the end of the world has come and humanity is essentially at a standstill. Despite this, it still manages to create a compelling mood and is a must-see for any fan of the music scene.

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