Chasing Ice Movie Review

The title of the movie reflects the current and previous conditions of the global glaciers.

The director makes use of unique techniques and derivation techniques to convey these changes. This movie systematically moves from the possible causative agents to the current condition of the world. It makes viewers think that the movie is produced with a rigorous methodology.

James Balog

Chasing Ice is a documentary film about climate change that centers on National Geographic photographer James Balog. He has been capturing the melting ice of the Arctic since 2007. This project aims to create visual proof of the effects of greenhouse gases on the planet. It has a global scope and Balog has already accumulated over one million images of the ice. His stunning photography is intended to motivate the public to take action.

James Balog's work

James Balog, an internationally acclaimed photographer and filmmaker, is coming to the Indiana University campus April 9 and 10, to give talks, screen two documentaries, and talk to students, faculty, and the public about his work in chasing ice. Balog is the founder of the Extreme Ice Survey and the Earth Vision Institute, which aims to tell visual stories about environmental change.

James Balog's passion for filmmaking

"Chasing Ice" captures the passion of an environmental documentary filmmaker as he battles the elements in sub-zero conditions. The resulting photographs are breathtaking, with each ice sculpture a piece of nature's masterpiece. The nighttime shots are particularly impressive. The images will strike a chord with viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

James Balog's glacier photography

The chasing ice movie is a stunning documentary about the ice caps of the Arctic and Greenland. This film reveals the beauty and danger of glaciers and the calving events that cause them. Balog was an avid photographer of glaciers and had made previous expeditions to Iceland, Greenland and Alaska. Balog and his team also set up cameras in Glacier National Park in Montana.

James Balog's camera system

James Balog has been photographing the effects of human activity on the natural world for nearly 40 years. He is responsible for the most comprehensive ground-based photographic study of glaciers. He founded the Earth Vision Institute and is a professor at Cornell University. His camera system allowed him to capture a range of incredible images that show the speed and magnitude of climate change.

Disbelief of global-warming deniers

The film opens with a sequence featuring the "skeptics," or global-warming deniers. However, Balog shows a different side of nature through an interview with a Shell Oil employee. Disbelief can be subverted through art and the urgency of the climate change issue.

James Balog's 'chasing ice' film

If you've been considering a career in environmental photography, you'll want to see James Balog's film "Chasing Ice." This powerful documentary, whose theme is global warming, is an important and timely subject matter. The film's compelling images show just how powerful climate change can be. But despite its political overtones, there is no real sense of despair or hopelessness.

Jeff's passion for filmmaking

During the summer of 2012, Jeff Orlowski, a senior at Stanford University, was involved in the production of the documentary Chasing Ice. He had previously made short films and was passionate about making the project a reality. His interest in filmmaking motivated him to follow the director James Balog on the expedition to capture the experience on film. He has also directed two more award-winning documentaries.

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