Case study of Biogen Idecs

Succession preparation is a key mechanism for the well-being of every enterprise. It helps to find the most eligible candidate; with a strong emphasis on the potential for advancement. It allows the organization to fill empty vacancies with potentially effective, well-endowed skills and experience. Biogen Idec is a pharmaceutical corporation whose main focus is on the fields of neurology and immunology. It was established in 1978, with its headquarters located in Cambridge, MA.
Processes for determining possible development candidates for Biogen Idec
Biogen provides internships and co-op opportunities for minors and others who have only finished their studies. The organization retains top-performing interns and integrates them into the system. They fill vacant positions and new ones as they become part of the organization.
Biogen encourages employees to take initiatives and to demonstrate new skills that may be considered if a particular position becomes vacant. Employees closely work with their managers to enable them to create a viable development plan that helps to push their professional growth. Also, on the Career and Development Planning portal on their website, the company the business strategy with the employee capability needs. It conducts assessments at the end of every fiscal year to evaluate the potential of all employees to ensure that it has a wealth of talent to sustain its future growth.
Biogen Idec's development program
Coaching and mentoring: Biogen Idec hires fresh graduates and interns. Through the guidance of more experienced employees, they integrate them into the system efficiently and effectively. According to Groove (2007), seminars, lateral employee rotation, and innovation circles help the company to cope technological dynamism.
Training: Biogen offers research-based training to enable its workforce to remain congruent with the advancing field of technology and medicine at large.
Building trust in organizational leadership: Biogen builds an iterative atmosphere among senior, junior and subordinate staff which helps in building trust within the enterprise. This is orchestrated by time-to-time organizational meetings in which all employees air their concerns to the top management.
Providing flexible education program: Biogen Idec provides an opportunity for its employees to improve their knowledge base. This is made possible by providing educational scholarships and financial reimbursements to individuals who travel to acquire knowledge and new technological eruptions in the global arena on behalf of the company.
Biogen Idec's steps for Individual capability program development
Creating evaluation sheets where the employee performance is gauged.
Identifying the measures of employee performance
Setting feedback communication lines
Put in place employee disciplinary and job termination procedures.
Setting up a schedule for evaluation
Does Biogen’s approach work?
I agree with the Biogen Idec's approach on succession planning. The company's approach is empowering the employee through programs such as training, research, and team building. According to Rothwell (2010), retaining and building talent from within helps to create and build a healthy organizational culture. The employees develop a sense of belonging, and this acts as a motivational factor among the employees, leading to a subsequent increase in productivity.
Succession planning helps an organization to effectively and efficiently fill gaps that are created by leaving employees. Biogen Idec's culture of recruiting from within is a good benchmark that can be utilized by other big companies in their human resource policies.
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