Careers in LPN

Jobs for LPNs

What kinds of occupations are available to you once you have a license or certificate?

A licensed practical nurse has a variety of employment options. They consist of:

hospital support personnel for registered nurses

patient case evaluation in the doctor's workplace

administrative tasks performed in care homes

travel nursing

Military healthcare

These are just a few of the numerous career choices available to LPNs.

What is the availability or desire for your career major? In the South, the Midwest, the West, the North, or the East?

The salary scale varies across states in the US depending on the demand for LPNs.

The highest pay per hour is issued in the Western States followed by the Eastern ones.

In what sections of the state?

Urbanized areas tend to have a higher demand for LPNs due to a higher population as well as higher standards of living.

In large cities or smaller towns?

Large cities have the highest job openings.

Will you have to travel to make the money, or can you remain in one location?

As an LPN, I all choices except few require an individual to work at the same physical location. Therefore, there is a high likelihood that I will remain in my location while earning my living.

What is the average entry-level salary for your job in Georgia?

$18.32 per hour.

What is the national average entry-level salary for your job?

$17.97 per hour.

What is the average maximum pay for your job in Georgia?

$25.62 per hour.

What is the average maximum pay for your job nationally?

$24.71 per hour.

Does any discrepancy exist between male and female salary in your chosen career?

Yes, there is a salary discrepancy in this career. Even though it is a female-dominated field, men who take up jobs have higher salaries.

What is the likelihood that your chosen career will be in demand for the next 30 years (Your working years after graduation)?

The demand for LPNs is on the rise through the next thirty years. An increase in life expectancy as well as demand for quality healthcare puts pressure on the medical sector to increase healthcare staff. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the demand for LNP and LVN are projected to increase by 25% by 2022.

Does your major career offer opportunities for advancement, or will you have to get further education to move up?

Any major career advancements need an upgrade of education. LPN and LVN practitioners have limited licenses. In order to be allowed to do more than just assist in care provision, they need to advance to degrees in nursing or any other specialty in the healthcare field.

What are three avenues you can take to find a job in your chosen career?

Employment in mainstream hospitals

Employment in nursing homes

Service to the military

What are the main job demands or requirements in your chosen career?

The following are requirements for the practice of LPNs.

One must be an adult

One must have a GED or high school diploma

One must have no criminal record

One must complete training successfully

One must be licensed as an LPN.

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