cancer research paper

The main cause of cancer and the need for increased nursing care

The main cause of cancer is connected with lifestyle factors and external environmental conditions, particularly in Argentina, where agrochemicals are employed to meet agricultural demands. Over the years, there has been a significant increase in the number of cancer patients admitted to the oncology ward. The numbers have expanded out of control, and the nurses are overburdened. If not addressed, the stated problem will become unmanageable in the near future. This article supports the notion that increasing the number of care nurses will result in better health care for oncology patients. The main component of this theory lies in the fact that the demand for healthcare services will continue to grow given that the cure for cancer is yet to be identified. As such, the nurse to patient ratio in the oncology wards needs to be increased so that they can adequately care for their patients. Increasing the number of nurses in a hospital has a positive outcome on patient outcomes. As a result, hospitals should ensure they have an adequate workforce to improve nursing and patient care.

The impact of patient to nurse ratio on patient mortality

A high patient to nurse ratio increases the likelihood of the rise in patient mortality. When nurses are assigned fewer patients to take care of, it becomes easier for them to monitor the condition of the patient. The patients are then more likely to watch out for signs, communicate to the nurses, and seek help. What is more, with a reduced workload, the nurses are less likely to make errors thus better care for the patient (Buerhaus, 2007).

Improving healthcare services for cancer patients

In conclusion, the health care practice for cancer patients requires close attention by medical specialists. This paper has identified the theory to be used in supporting the solution proposed. The theory will improve the quality of health care services for the rising number of cancer patients.


Buerhaus, P. I., Donelan, K., Ulrich, B. T., Norman, L., DesRoches, C., & Dittus, R. (2007). Impact of the nurse shortage on hospital patient care: comparative perspectives. Health Affairs, 26(3), 853-862.

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