Bridging the Digital Gap Essay

The Aleph Molinari video on the digital gap

The Aleph Molinari video on the digital gap is the one that surprised me the most. According to the Council of Economic Advisers (U.S.), 2015, social media has made it possible for communities to communicate with one another instantly. Surprisingly, though, only about 70% of people on the planet have access to either a computer or the Internet. I concur with Molinari (2011) that helping people who are ignorant of modern technology is a must.

My understanding of technology was altered

My understanding of technology was altered by the video's information on the digital divide. It also changed my thinking that everyone has used the computer and the Internet at least once or knows about it. My concern on this video is quite compelling, and I felt unfortunate that more than half of the population did not know how to work with a computer. That what I am asking is: should the Internet access be a human right? What technological transitions should be carried out to bridge the digital divide gap? What can be done to expedite technological transition?


Council of Economic Advisers (U.S.). (2015). Mapping the digital divide.

Molinari, A. (2011).Let's bridge the digital divide. Retrieved from TED Talks website:

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