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Beowulf, an Anglo-Saxon and a great warrior in the land of Geats and Danes, is the protagonist of the poem. He is portrayed as a legendary Geat chief and an outstanding character of great courage in the poem. Without a doubt, the scene in which Beowulf fights the dragon exemplifies his heroic qualities as well as his bravery. He makes a life-or-death decision to battle the dragon and sacrifice himself so that others can live. According to the poem, dragons were the most feared and notorious beings to be defeated, and it took a great man to destroy one.
When Beowulf was eighty years old, he agreed to conquer the dragon. When he decides to face the dragon, Beowulf tells his thanes that the fight will be his last battle. He used a sword called Naegling which he had borrowed from the king of Dane together with a shield. At the start of the fight, the dragon breath fire making Beowulf’s sword melt leaving him unarmed. Ten of the eleven thanes flee on seeing this, and only Wiglaf stayed. The dragon attacks Beowulf again and here, it covers him and Wiglaf in the fire. As the fight continues, Beowulf wounds the dragon, and at the same time, the dragon stabs him in the neck with his poisonous tusk. Beowulf becomes critically wounded due to the dragon’s poisonous blood. Wiglaf also tries to stabs it but gets burned in the process. Despite Beowulf’s wound, he battles the dragon and manages to take out a knife kill the dragon. From the poem; it is evident that the selfless devotion of Beowulf to his people is in contrast to the dragon who is full of pride.

Before Beowulf’s death, Wiglaf tries to pour water on his wound in attempts to save Beowulf’s life. Beowulf requests Wiglaf to bring him some treasures from the dragon hoard for him to see what he is dying for after the battle. He also asks Wiglaf to build a tower for him to be remembered in the community. The wound on Beowulf’s neck was more perilous, and as a result, he succumbs to death. Before he died, Beowulf gives Wiglaf a gold necklace asking him to be the king of the Geats (Thorpe 67). The scene where Beowulf encounters the dragon reflects the responsibility a king has to take in protecting his people. The decision to fight the dragon who was the most feared thing in the society makes Beowulf be a celebrated leader and a hero.

Undisputedly, the battle between the dragon and the Beowulf is the most potent symbol that gives Anglo-Saxon poem an atmosphere of death and hope. As Beowulf felt his death approaching, the dragon emerges creating a feeling that the fight will result in death. Beowulf remains to be the great hero whose legacy characterizes him as a predominant figure having values of an exceptional warrior. For this reason, Beowulf is portrayed to be a mentor to the Geats worries. This scene suggests that a good leader should sacrifice for his people and thus he remains to be the hero of all heroes. Beowulf is simply a courageous and strong worrier and king of Geats who stands for what he says despite detrimental consequences like death. He signifies a truly daring character who is willing to take the risk to save his people from the fear of the dragon.

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