Ben Hur Movie Review

Ben Hur (1959)

Ben Hur (1959) is an historical movie that depicts the life of the character Judah Ben-Hur, a story of the struggles of a man who the entirety has been taken from him, keeps his faith and survives through subject to free himself and his family from the oppressive Roman regime.


The film features more than a few themes that provoke the emotion of its audience. From matters of but now not limited to; brotherhood, anger and betrayal, love and passion, hatred, revenge, and celebration, all feature expertly in the movie which makes it excite the target market at any particular moment.

Constant Pastime

There is a series of constant pastime taking place in the film that interests the target audience that is made up of chariot racing, war, and fighting. As disclosed by Paul, an epic film tells an incredibly good story that makes the audience glued to the screen to its entirety and provides the audience with a story to always remember (285). Watching Ben Hur (1959), give the audience the same experience if not a better one.


According to Branigan, the setting of a film provides the context of the narrative since it explores the environment within which the film is set and “everything the character does” (19). Ben Hur (1959) features in an ancient Roman setting that portrays the time in history when the Roman Empire held power and used it to oppress its subjects outside Rome. The setting also gives the audience an experience into the sport of chariot racing that used to be held in arenas during the ancient Roman time.

Storytelling and Recognition

Ben Hur is a unique story that gives the sense of a historical film with a touch of drama, expert storytelling full of myth, and lots of action. The excellence of the Ben Hur (1959) film was capped by its recognition as a top 100 all-time American film and winning 11 Oscar awards. The expert storytelling and excitement that the movie gives to the audience can be compared to none, thus, if it were produced today, it would still garner some nominations and win various awards in today’s film industry.

Work Cited

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