Applications and Reflections

In today's environment, an information system is a valuable resource and a vital component of any firm. ""Management Information Systems,"" a business management subject, is critical in educating students to operate organizations in the future by teaching effective methods of communication within and outside the organization, as well as providing customer service. The course covers the impacts, hazards, roles, and problems of information systems, as well as new developments.

One of the most important concepts I took away from the seminar was the significance of proper information system creation and execution. A corporation is more likely to prosper if it does the right thing while creating and deploying information systems. Conversely, poorly designed and implemented information systems can destroy the performance of a business and even lead it to fail. What's more, the adoption of life cycles which include analysis, planning, design, development, testing, execution and maintenance are crucial for the successful development and implementation of information systems. Moreover, other areas such as risk management, change management, and project management should be considered when developing information systems since those areas are more associated with the success of the process.

Another valuable lesson I learned is the value of information system on the management of knowledge assets and how it influences the performance and growth of the business. The knowledge management systems can help a company create, capture, store, disseminate and utilize useful knowledge. Apart from that, the information systems are crucial for business operations in the modern business environment since it helps the organization have a better understanding and use of computing infrastructure.

I also learned about the usefulness of a cross-functional approach to business operations. The cross-functional information systems allow a business to share information resources. I also enables the company to concentrate on the accomplishment of significant business processes involving the company and its suppliers, customers, employees, and business partners. Moreover, cross-functional information systems such customer relationship management systems, enterprise resource planning systems, knowledge management systems and supply chain management systems have different focuses but are interrelated in enabling a proper management of business operations.

All the topics were of high relevance to my studies because I project to become a business owner and employ skills acquired from this course and others in the successful management of my business. Apart from that, all the chapters of the book Management Information Systems by Bidgoli, (2016) are useful and relevant to my studies. However, three sections served me with more knowledge than the others, and they include the chapters on; management of organization's knowledge resource, correct development and implementation of information systems and cross-functional information systems. Those three chapters act as the base on which information system lies within the organization. In other words, it is essential to identify the correct information systems for a specific business, manage the organization's knowledge resource using information systems and apply the cross-functional information systems strategy to keep up to date with business operations both locally and globally.

The course has improved my knowledge about information systems primarily on the development and implementation of information systems strategies that are crucial for the running of a business in the contemporary business environment. For example, knowledge on implementing enterprise planning systems that help improve internal operations is a great take away from this course. Besides, other contemporary and strategic use of information systems like the adoption of supply chain and customer relationship management systems are essential skills for enhancing relations with business stakeholders such as partners, suppliers, and customers. Furthermore, I have a better understanding of how an organization can establish knowledge management systems to improve the management of a company's knowledge resources. I am also more acquainted with the processes of using various information systems to support the management's decision making.

The course has not only improved my understanding of information systems but also equipped me with knowledge on how to use the information system to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage in the business. These include using e-procurement systems, business to business models and online business to consumers to reduce or shift the cost of doing business or lower the costs of suppliers or customers. Apart from that, organizations can use information systems to create new products, develop new markets and change the business processes to make them faster and easier through automation. In fact, a business can even establish pure online operations that are likely to keep the firm on top of its competitors in the market. Information system strategies can also be used to increase an organization's differentiation advantages while reducing the differentiation advantages of a competitor(s). For example, social networks and online video chats can be used to understand the needs of customers better and offer satisfactory services. By doing so, business keeps on top of competitors who have not employed such strategies.

Overall, the managing information systems course has contributed immensely to the development of skills I need to run a business either as an employee in a management position or as an active business owner.


Bidgoli, H. (2016). Management Information Systems (6th ed., pp. 1-342). Cengage Learning.

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