Analysis of Donald Trump's and Hillary Clinton's Campaigns

Donald Trump's campaign theme was immigration. His speech was dominated by his view of migration policies and the of the last governments. Trump insisted on making changes on the policies and ensuring that all illegal immigrants were deported. Hillary Clinton used the plight of women as her campaign team. She promised rise of wages and improved healthcare all for the sake of women.

Question 2

         Hillary Clinton used the Russian-American relationship to criticize Donald Trump. She was quoted several times referring Trump as Putin's puppet. Trump was ready to do anything to maintain a good relationship with Putin. On the other hand, Trump referred to Clinton as a disgrace and someone that people can not believe. He always linked Hillary to the relationship misfortunes that her husband faced.

Question 3

      Hillary Clinton had the best image as compared to that of Donald Trump. Even from their election posters, Clinton appeared to be relaxed and peaceful, unlike her competitor.

Question 4

      Both candidates depended on votes from their parties. Trump and Clinton always requested their support from the Republican and Democratic parties to vote for them. Hillary used the group voting and gender mechanism to influence women to vote for her due to their common sediments. She further promised women rise in pay and improved healthcare, unlike Trump who used race and economy as his main campaign tools. Trump criticized other races and threatened to deport them, unlike Clinton. Both promised a legal review on gun control. Trump greatly criticized the same-sex marriage which was advocated for by the Obama regime which supported Clinton.

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