Analysis of Audiences for Two Websites

The undertaking is a memo that compares and contrast two websites that present identical information but to different audiences. The graphics, language, and agency used in presenting the kidney and hemodialysis sites have varying presentation techniques. The paper compares The National Kidney Foundation’s internet site ( and the Merck Manual-Professional. The websites explain the specificity, symptoms and different details.
It is a daunting task to determine the intended target market from the National Kidney Foundation website. A close look at the information often focuses on how to generate donations. The donation tab is visible due to the bright colors. The other information appears simple print against the overriding orange. However, the preparation of site about the kidney was well done to detail. It has the words “Awareness, Prevention and Treatment” suggesting that the hemodialysis information may be targeting the public in general. The site offers essential information regarding disease’s symptoms, treatment as well as changing lifestyle. As a non-profit organization, the National Kidney Foundation has the primary intention of educating the people online and other members of the public about the illness. The second purpose was to solicit donations room well-wishers. Conversely, the ( intends to attract the attention of the healthcare professionals. The second audience includes the nursing and medical students. The is very appealing with great pictures, banners, and additional videos. The banners have great messages that catch the readers’ eyes. Further, it incorporates useful details on how patients can cope with treatment plans and diagnosis processes. There is stark comparison when it comes to ( which comprises of muted green, blue and gray colors. The presentation is limited to related facts and modalities of treatment. The home page has limited advertising. The ads can only relate adding information about the subject. The advertisement on the kidney foundation’s website cannot be limited since the other intention is to collect some donations. There is unrelated information from third parties using cookies.The icons on the websites intend to offer the users with options for sharing the information on social media platforms. Education is key to Merck Manual and social networks will essential in spreading the word. The information is organized in simple paragraphs while the Kidney Foundation has a question and answer presentation. The ( links would always refer the reader back to the donation page. The ( help the professional users but may be beneficial the general public. The ‘Education and Research’ option introduce medical practitioners into technical writing about kidney disease and treatment. It has medical audiences in mind thus the technicality and clinical in nature. There is a chance to view additional information on the subject. The kidney foundations website has seminars and webinars to educate the audience which absents in Merck Manual Professional. In conclusion, the readers note informative messages on Kidney Disease and Hemodialysis but the presentation takes distinct approaches. The general public is set to benefit from if affected by the kidney disease. The ( benefits the medical professional due to the content and appearance. Every site is able to develop their intended purpose and professionals. The National Kidney Foundation has a basic information, diagnosis, treatment and necessary changes in lifestyle. Additionally, it offers support services and request for donations to support its initiatives.

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