An opening for the role of Contract Expert

An announcement in the Careers Section

An announcement in the Careers Section of your company's website informed me of an opening for the role of Contract Expert. I feel that my qualifications and expertise provide me an advantage that would benefit Hendan Corporation much in this role.

I was eager to apply for this position

I was eager to apply for this position after reading in the New York Times about Hendan Corporation's growing contract management representation needs. This is an area in which I have just completed a three-year stretch at GBV Global Solutions, where I dealt with providing reports on quotations to the Company Finance Board. I was also engaged in clarifying contract related issues and resolving disputes while working there. I have also worked independently as a contract specialist for several companies. At Spectre International, I was in charge of the project quotation process where I was directly involved in reviewing quotations as well as negotiations. I have worked closely with LCD Quartz Ltd commercial executives and K-O 9 Inventions PVC project supervisors to ensure timely delivery of cost-effective ICT services to LCD Quartz Ltd.

My degree in Finance from Metropolitan University

My degree in Finance from Metropolitan University has enhanced my ability to deal with any contract related issues with ease. In addition, I have undertaken appropriations law training and performance-based acquisition training, which has enabled me to have a better grasp of how to award and administer contracts.

Please, consider my resume

Please, consider my resume for extra information on my job experience and educational qualifications that explain my interest in the post applied for. I look forward to a meeting soon that will give me an opportunity to explain how I can use my knowledge to make Hendan Corporation better.


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