An Interview with Head of Police Department

Question 1: What are your views on racial profiling?

Answer: The law is against racial discrimination, so it should not be practiced. Racial discrimination should not be justified from a personal point of view, because it deprives one's own rights and freedoms and makes a certain group of citizens feel discriminated toward.

Question 2: Some law enforcement bodies still practice it, despite racial discrimination being unconstitutional. What are the feelings you have on that?

Answer: At times the end justifies the means. Sometimes racial profiling works. However, I don’t advocate it in my department. For instance, most terrorist attacks are carried out by Muslims with Arabic descent, who isn’t aware of that? I mean racial profiling comes without saying in some cases majorly when the options are limited. However, it is important to note that it is against the law and our work ethics hence cannot be used on cases in court.

Question 3: What has your department done to ensure that the problem of racial profiling is avoided?

Answer: As a requirement by the law, I have made sure that each member of my department is aware that racial profiling is illegal. As a department, there are consequences for members who violate the law.

Question 4: What do you think needs to be done to do away with racial profiling completely?

Answer: Racial profiling is a mentality which comes along with the belief that members of the certain race are the ones who majorly commit certain crimes. Such a mindset can be only eliminated through proper training in law enforcement agent’s academies. The police should also be monitored closely to ensure that those who commit the vice are punished. This could end the problem of racial profiling.

Question 5: What are your Final thoughts on the issue of racial profiling?

Answer: Racial profiling has been a major problem since the times of slavery. However, it is never right to judge someone simply because of their race. It is, therefore, the role of each person to ensure that they do away with the stereotype thinking based on race. Through doing so, the minorities will not feel secluded, and we will have a peaceful society. The government should also do more to fight racial profiling. Let’s unite and fight racial profiling.


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