America's Handgun Perceptions

America's Gun Ownership and Crime Rates

America has the most gun owners per capita in the entire globe. According to statistics, there is a lot of gun crime in the United States. A citizen has the freedom to keep a gun for self-defense. (Barone 121). For instance, the government recently passed a gun legislation that encourages widespread gun ownership. The use of firearms for recreational activities like target shooting is also very common. On the other hand, some people abuse their right to possess firearms by purposefully killing innocent people and conducting other crimes involving firearms. For example, there were massive killings of citizens during the reign of Barack Obama in 2006, and therefore he vowed to take supervisory actions to minimize the incidences. Therefore, the situation raises a question on whether handgun ownership should be perceived as a lawful right or a public threat.

Gun Legalization and Citizen's Right to Self-Defense

For instance, gun legalizations have resulted in massive possession of firearms. Besides, every citizen has a right to own a gun and can use it in public and private places. The primary reason for amendment of the gun law was to enable citizens to defend themselves. In fact, a national survey conducted indicated that at least forty-nine percent of the citizens own guns for protection as well as for personal safety. Individuals feel safer since they can defend themselves easily (Barone 121). Due to increased terrorism threats, the Americans use the guns to protect themselves from this group of people. They always feel safer in any private or public gathering since, in the case of a terror attack, they are fully prepared to conquer their enemies. Citizens have a right to carry guns openly in schools, colleges, restaurants and many other places. Therefore, gun control would violate the second amendment as well as interfere with entertainment activities.

Guns for Recreation and Entertainment Purposes

Similarly, individuals use guns for entertainment purposes. Activities such as hunting, shooting competition as well as target shots are outstanding examples of recreation activities which involve the use of weapons. The activities are legalized by the federal government, and therefore people engage in them for leisure. However, individuals supporting gun possession argue out that the amendment on guns is not weak, but the weakness is on how the law is enforced. Also, proper background checking of individuals as well as training before selling a gun to people has increased the efficiency of the code amendment. However, the changes on gun possessions keep on changing with time to ensure complete safety and proper enforcement. For instance, there has been regular regulation on carrying out weapons openly as well as regulations on at what age should one be allowed to use a gun (Wintemute et al. 509).

Critical Opposition to Gun Ownership

Despite these compelling arguments for gun possession, many persons vehemently oppose the right of gun ownership in the States of America as they view the situation as a public threat. For instance, the enforcement on who should own a gun is a failure. Under-trained individuals, as well as young people, own guns which are dangerous in the society as they can use the weapons without control as well as cause unplanned deaths. Also, there has been increasing reporting of massive killings of people as well as other firearm related crimes (Moorhouse et al. 121). As a matter of fact, if the laws on gun possessions were eliminated, there could be reduced number of people killed using guns.

Increased Violence and Insecurity

On the same token, critics argue that the level of crime, murder as well as private threats has increased in America. Statistics shows that America is one of the top nations associated with gun-related violence. For example, more than thirty thousand people die every year as a result of gun violence cases. People with guns as well as crazy people get an opportunity to shoot innocent citizens without any fear since they are protected by the laws. According to Congressional Digest, many recent shootings have been associated with mentally ill as well as the young persons. However, in the case of a slight disagreement, an individual can threaten to shoot the other person hence an increased insecurity among citizens. Violent crimes and accidents which are a threat to the public have been as a result of the gun amendment (Moorhouse et al. 121).


To conclude, legalization of handguns should be viewed as a legal right since it is amended by the law. Also, citizens use guns for protection and safety. Gun control as argued out would make the people feel that their rights are violated as well as feel less protected. Therefore, to ensure the safety of American citizens, the government ought to enforce strict laws and regulations on usage of guns. Proper training on the use of weapons as well as background checkup before selling a gun to a person would result in fewer threats, as well as few deaths (Moorhouse et al. 120). Additionally, regulations concerning gun ownership should be increased to reduce the number of killings of the innocent people as well as reduce the public threat (Wintemute et al. 510).

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