After Apple-Picking

Frost's poem "After Apple-Picking" uses seasonal metaphors to portray tough times. The metaphor of stem and blossom represents the thoughts' seasonal evolution from beginning to end. The poem combines seasonal analogies that allude to the shifting characteristics of a person's existence. The shifting of the seasons allows the apples to ripen and be plucked. Importantly, the seasonal metaphor aids the reader in comprehending the poem's deeper significance. Undoubtedly, the heaven in Frost's poem is a metaphor for his thoughts on death and a reflection of his life. The metaphors of “toward heaven” “a barrel that I didn’t fill” show the aspects of life that are left unfulfilled (Frost a). The metaphor depicted in the poem effectively achieves the objective of drawing the attention of the reader. It is indeed the heart of the poem, and the reader understands that the aesthetic philosophy of the seasons. The metaphor of seasons accomplishes the harvesting of the apples.

Mending Wall

The wall in the poem of “Mending Wall” is a metaphor that unites the neighbors while at the same time causes separation to the neighbors. The poem starts by noting that “Good fences make good neighbors,” and thus the reader regards the wall to be a major structure in the people’s lives (Frost b). It presents to be an amending force that brings people together. Notably, the wall serves as a fundamental canvas under which many complex ideas concerning the aspects of individuals including their relationships are presented. The wall is also a metaphor of separation between the speaker and his neighbor evident in line 13 (Frost b). The central message in the poem concerns the differences that exist in the neighborhoods and the way the wall plays a pivotal role in uniting and also separating these people. The wall is crucial in maintaining the good relationship that exists in the neighbors and also shows where every person belongs. Besides, it represents the differing viewpoints that are depicted in the speaker and the neighbor. It acts as a huge barrier to communication and friendship and thus leads to instances of loneliness, isolation, and alienation.

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