Adapted laws in human resource

Human Resource Laws and Worker Protection:

Human resource laws that have been modified have the power to shield workers from discrimination at work by their employers. To ensure that the laws' intended goals and objectives are met in the workplace, human resource professionals need to have a thorough grasp of the law.

The organizations have enforcing agencies that guarantee implementation and enforcement of the laws to safeguard an employee's rights in the industry, ensuring effective and efficient application of the law.

The rules, however, also consider and categorize various factors. (Ragins and Cornwell, 2011). Some of the laws deal with culture, gender or even disability cases and the process of ensuring that they are comfortable in their area of work. In so doing, the paper intends to address the process and manner in which the laws in a company helps in protecting the employees against discrimination in a workplace. Additionally, it will discuss the process in which Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as well as other, other related laws protect the employees from discrimination in the organization.

Laws Against Discrimination and Employee Protection:

Laws agonist discrimination in an industry protect the employees against the misconducts by their staff and coworkers. The laws illustrate that the actions of hiring, promotion, and firing in a workplace should not rely on age, gender, race or even disability level. Rather the processes of hiring, firing, and promotion should be purely based on a performance level, skills, and experience.

With the presence of such laws in the company, the employees get to understand better the idea and their rights as well as the channels that they can use to report cases of discrimination. Implementation of the discrimination laws in a company leads to a high degree of equality of all employees present in the business.

The employees are required to understand their individual rights and personal responsibilities. With the use of such laws in an organization, individuals are held responsible for their behaviors that may indicate or show signs of discrimination. For this reason, the human resource team and the managers, as well as the head of departments, have to adhere to the set laws and ensure that all employees receive equal measure. Therefore, the most eligible people are subjected to promotion offers, firing and hiring as indicated and recorded under the laws against discrimination.

The Role of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission:

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission refers to an agency in the federal government that assists most organizations, companies, and industries to interpret and enforce legislation that prohibits discrimination of employees. For the agency to achieve its intended goals, the agency holds hearings and administers equal employment opportunity laws.

The agency also accepts any charge of discrimination from the employees, carry out the investigation towards the reported charges. (Selmi, 2006) They also attempt to mediate settlements among the employees and the employer. Therefore, the agency allows the employees to file employment discrimination cases. However, they only accept and file the charges against the employer if the employee reports the case within a given period that is allowable by the commission.

The agency laws do not allow an employer to classify and identify any category of a job as manly; women also have the rights to participate in the completion of the same job. If the agency finds that the employer is guilty of the accusations, the case is forwarded to the court so that justice is offered to the employee. In so doing, reducing the cases of discrimination in a workplace.

Fair Employment Practice and Ensuring Equality:

Just like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission agency, Fair Employment Practice is an agency that enforces similar laws of discrimination as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The agency ensures that labor organizations have diversified numbers of employees. The recruitment and selection process have to make sure that gender, sex, race, and disability are considered and given the right priority. In so doing, it brings about equality between the employees and the employers.

Moreover, the agency illustrates that if the organization adheres to the laws, they are subjected to productivity and increased performance in the industries (Wern, 2009). They are set to review and investigate the cases of discrimination that may appear to be limiting the ability of the employees to produce and work towards the target values of the organization.

They are keen to ensure that the employees have the right and a straightforward reason for launching the claim against the employer. The claims need to lie between the protected aspects of the agencies and the discrimination laws.

Conclusion: The Importance of Enforcement Agencies:

In conclusion, it is evident that discrimination laws cannot achieve the best results without the integration measures with enforcement agencies. The enforcement agencies ensure that the employers are ready to work towards achieving the goals of the laws and improve the interrelationship between the employee and the employers.

Furthermore, the laws may exist in the organization but the rate of their implementation matters more as compared to the existence of the laws. For this reason, the employees receive values of equality and diversity in the workplace.


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