Accidents and Deaths Caused by Cell Phones

There has been a disturbing rise in reported cell phone-related accidents and fatalities around the world in recent times, especially in the United Kingdom and in the United States. While in the last 30 years, mobile phones have become an important technology and a major means of communication, there has been a tragic loss of life unnecessarily caused by these devices. The assessment of mobile phones causing injuries and deaths will be the subject of this article. There have been several reported cases of cellphone deaths in the United Kingdom, and one of these cases involve a 23 years old Hyewon Kim who fell off the Seven Sisters Cliff in East Sussex while she was posing for a photo. Hyewon was an international student in the United Kingdom studying English. She took a trip to the Seven Sisters Cliff in Cuckmere Haven on June 22 and while on the trip, she apparently asked a stranger to take her picture, but in the process, she lost her footing, fell 60 meters, and suffered severe injuries that caused her death. This is one among many other cases where the use of cellphone has led to accidents and fatalities.

Moreover, research has shown that almost 500,000 people in the United States are killed or injured in an accident attributed to the use of cellphones every year (Ayad et al. 115). According to The Department of Transportation in 2013, 434,000 people were injured, and 3,200 died in traffic accidents that were caused by drivers who were distracted because they were using a cellphone while driving (Ayad et al. 115). Further, studies have proved that there exist adverse effects on drivers’ performance when cellphones are used while driving (Ayad et al. 115). For instance, there is a higher probability of drivers missing vital traffic signals, and cellphone use reduces the reaction rate of drivers while driving (Ayad et al. 115). This has resulted in more concerns being raised on accidents and death caused by the use of cellphones while driving (Nasar et al. 92).

Whether one supports or does not support that cellphones cause accidents and deaths, it is vital that we look at the issue from all directions before making any declaration and decisions. The question that one can ask is; could this accidents and deaths happen if cellphone were not used? Some people would argue that cellphones are not the reason behind crashes and fatalities, but the users are. Nevertheless, these accidents and deaths can be avoided if cellphone use is controlled accordingly. I agree that cell phone causes tremendous injuries and fatalities. Cellphone use while driving has been proved to increase accident and death risk seven times higher all over the world (Nasar et al. 93).

Solution to the Issues

One of the solutions to this issue is coming up with strict laws that will prohibit cellphone use while driving in order to curb this accidents and deaths (Nasar et al. 94). In countries where this rules had been established, they need to be enacted to ensure this issue is ultimately diminished (Nasar et al. 95). Secondly, there should be the provision of educative materials that will help to educate people on the dangers of using cellphones while driving. Finally, there should hefty fines charged to those who are found to be using cellphones while driving.

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