About William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare has piqued people's imagination due to his use of Shakespearean language. He has written over a hundred thousand pages. Any of Shakespeare's vocabulary terms are now well-known and used in modern writing, such as hark, saucy, and hither, which mean Cheeky, listen, and here, respectively. He was an intriguing writer/poet who had turned his thinking into the finest works of tragedies (unhappy or tragic endings) examples; King Lear, Macbeth, Othello, and Hamlet, sonnets (three quatrains, ended with a couplet &time love and beauty) examples; Sonnet 18 – Beauty, and comedies (Happily ever after ending) examples; Sonnet 18 – Beauty. The Winter’s Tale, Much Ado About Nothing, Twelfth Night. The impact of Shakespeare’s writing is highly influential because he has an ability to summarize human emotions, his characters were complex, relatable to everyday life, other pay writers and poets of his time used his language. I read about the period of lost years outside the class. The era between 1585 and 1592 is famous as the Lost Years because no documentaries of Shakespeare’s activities recorded in that era. These years are known as the Lost Years because it is a time which cannot account for historians. Somewhere in that era he moved to London and started working in theatre. But, no one knows where he was or what he was working during those eras. There has been a very little information about the life of Shakespeare two main time spans of lost years. The first span of times covers the time when he had left the grammar school until his marriage. The second time frame covers the era of seven years of Shakespeare’s life where he must be working on his dramatic and emotional abilities in order to collect sources for his plays plots. The idea that I have learned is to work on enhancing the vocabulary skills as it is important for a literature student. Thus, educated people have a command of around fifteen hundred words on vocabulary. Writers use Works Cited pages and in-text citations because it allows readers to analyzed about the consulted source writer use in an article in order to let reader verify the source interpretation or to use the source in writing their own scholarly articles. Some of its reasons include;Attribute serves as a fact-checking tool because all is important in any writing is accuracy; it acts as a references verification tool. Use of citation makes the person a better researcher because becoming a detailed-oriented in citation practice, such as the source of proper attribution entails about the details of correct author name, correct publication date, and correct page number.Researcher must focuses on the practice of careful citation to increase the credibility of research. It is due to the fact that the better a person has researched, the more credible and authentic person’s work is.

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