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With digitalization sweeping the globe in the twenty-first century, people continue to explore ways to remain connected to technology without carrying bulky devices. Human practices and connectivity have been largely reliant on technologies as well. If you are searching for a cell phone that is not only usable with modern technologies but also comes with cutting-edge technology, then the iPhone is the best brand for you. iPhone comes in handy with excellent features, making it the finest cell phone on the market right now. However, the cell phone has a number of drawbacks. One of the features that make the iPhone the best mobile phones in contemporary times is its 64 bit processor; this makes the phone incredibly fast especially when playing 3D games and surfing. The aluminum housing of all phones gives an iPhone great looks on top of the fact it acts as cushion thus reducing the damage done to the phone in case it falls. Unlike most mobile phone brands in the market, security can be breached easily, but when you have an iPhone, the touch ID help to protect the mobile phone since you can use it to unlock the phone (Gaetz 2015). It is integrated into the home button and when the fingerprint is scanned, you can unlock the phone. Most brands of mobile phones do not have good cameras. But why would you bear with a mobile phone that does not have great features when all you need to do is buy an iPhone? iPhones have cameras that are not less than 8 Megapixels, this enables the phone to make amazing photos. However, it would be important to note that even if some phones might have higher megapixel cameras, an iPhone with 8MP camera can make sharp video clips with good frame rates and video recording resolution is about 1080p at 30fps. Ear Pod headphones that comes in handy with iPhones are made by experts that have a vast knowledge and expertise in the area. They are made with noise cancelling technology making the sound perfect.

Apart from the vast positive aspects that associated with an iPhone. There are also some notable disadvantages of owning or using an iPhone. Their prices are the first negative aspect that comes in mind. Even though high quality fabric is used as housing, many clients that bought the phone have reports that it is not resilient to scratches, however, the reports affirm that the black models are the ones affected by the same. The new lighting 30 pin adapter that is used to transfer data has been reported to have many problems since it was changed. Many people are bored to the core by the fact that when their iPhone battery is worn out or damaged, they are not able to change it. IPhones batter of 1560 mAh that was recently introduced cannot be replaced; this is a bit annoying to the clients. Unlike most mobile phones in the market, when buying an iPhone, you have to buy a memory card separately but many clients wished that the phone came in handy with a memory card hence reducing their spending and assured of quality memory cards in the long run. Many mobile phones in the market come with big screens enabling the users use it for many purposes. But, unlike other mobile phones in the market, iPhone screens are small. The 4” screens of an iPhone are small compared to other brands in the market. With The features in mind, iPhone lovers can make informed decision due to the fact that they know the advantages and disadvantages of what they are buying.

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