A Yellow Raft in Blue Water Research

The chosen Passage from the textual content

"This scrap of paper in my hand makes me feel poor in a way like I just heard of rich. Jealous. What type of a person would throw it away?"

The significance of the chosen passage

The chosen passage is a significant and outstanding citation that is taken from chapter 5 when Rayona comes across a piece of a letter on the ground at Bearpaw Lake during her first day of service.

The contrast between the letter and Rayona's family life

In the letter, Rayona sees a best picture of her family life with a pet, a residence with a lawn, and loving parents. Rayona believes that neither of her parents desires to increase her nor care about her, thus making the letter has a big contrast with her family life. The difference between the way of life in the letter and her life makes the world enticing to her. Nevertheless, Rayona upon discovering the letter does not feel joy and the fact that she is poor does not make her rich nor counteract her circumstances.

The ineffectuality of envying the receiver of the letter

With these said it could be guessed that the letter is doomed to fail as therapy even before we learn about it since it imbues envy without generating anything productive. I chose the letter since it inspires more awe and anger. That said, Rayona does not comprehend the pointlessness and ineffectuality of envying the receiver or addressee of the piece of the letter when she found it although she articulates some resentment that some kids can be so lucky without being grateful or thankful about it.

Transition from the drama with her parents

In a while, the portion of the letter became the exit to dealing with all the drama with her parents and the kind of life that Rayona had. She was capable of drawing feelings of security and self-worth that she could acquire from her family. Later on, Rayona began accepting her ideal family and the letter will have no more purpose than to serve as a piece of waste.

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