A Reflective Essay

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I feel comfortable openly discussing my socioeconomic status and history, but it’s not something I actively participate in. I assume that part of who I am is my socioeconomic status or history. I do not shy away from disclosing my background experience and socioeconomic status on the basis of this, which are sources of inspiration to achieve personal, academic, and professional objectives. People should not shy away from addressing their socio-economic status, since it is the first stigma-removal mechanism. How do you deal with classism in your daily life and interactions?
Classism is one of the social issues affecting individuals in the modern society based on their socioeconomic status or background. In my case, I deal with classism through acceptance of my socioeconomic status as a sense of identity and motivation to achieve different goals in life. Secondly, I do not let classism go into my head, thus, the tendency to feel free to discuss my socioeconomic status and background with others across the society. Thirdly, I appreciate the essence of diversity or differences in the socioeconomic statuses, which makes it easier to deal with classism.

To what extent is your economic disadvantage or advantage part of your identity?

My socioeconomic status is a disadvantage, as well as an advantage on my identity depending on the situation. For instance, as an advantage, my socioeconomic status or background provides the desired sense of belonging, thus, the sense of identity. Similarly, my socioeconomic status determines whom I associate with as a part of my identity. On the other hand, my socioeconomic status might be harmful to my identity. For example, my socioeconomic status influences how the society perceives my identity, which might be negative based on the individual making the observation. Furthermore, my socioeconomic status, as part of my identity, might limit the chances to acquiring various services and products demand more financial resources and privileges, thus, the essence of marginalization.

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