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Libby Parsons is Nicky’s wife and one son’s girlfriend, Matty. You love the happy wedding fruit. But one day Libby discovers that her husband is gone, while spending her precious night on her cruise, and with blood, when she wakes up in the morning, as well as with a bloodious knife. Analysis starts and reveals later that husband-Nicky, has financial problems and an insurance policy of 2 million dollars.
Libby says that she didn’t know anything about the financial charges but was arrested and jailed (Lincoln & Allen, 2004). She later learns that her husband is alive during her call to the son through Angela, her best friend. She then convinces herself that she can now kill her husband and not face charges, after all, she had been convicted due to the same crime, which unfortunately she did not do.

However, I realized that the whole prosecution process was planned to pave way for Angie and Nicky to strengthen their relationship while Libby is away.

According to the Fifth Amendment of the US constitution, the government is prohibited from launching a prosecutions process, more than ones, for a single offense. The amendment is also responsible to prohibiting the government from punishing one offense with more than a single punishment. This law may be used to defend or protect, but also to steer up the prosecutions process (Lincoln & Allen, 2004).

However, I think that the government may use the law to convict the character because of a number of reasons. For instance, the law does not specify the period of which the clause should apply. Depending on the circumstances under which the first case was argued and judgment was delivered, the character may face another conviction. But since she innocently served in prison, she might be compensated for the years she spent in prison (Miller, 1968). In order to realize this, the judgment might reduce the number of years she is supposed to spend in prison. However, Libby might also be accused of other crimes that might also lend her in prison. It may not only be murder, but also crimes related to parole restrictions.

Other judges may also prosecute her actions as a result of mental torture. This means the first investigators might be the one to fall in this prosecutions trap (Miller, 1968). The husband may also be eligible for convicting a crime which mentally tortures the character. Therefore such judges, may order for psychotherapy sessions to Libby instead of jailing the individual. Depending on the underlying facts in place, Libby may also be protected by the amendment, although, she might still undergo fresh prosecutions and fresh years of conviction.


Lincoln, A. E., & Allen, M. P. (2004, December). Double jeopardy in Hollywood: Age

and gender in the careers of film actors, 1926–1999. In Sociological Forum (Vol. 19, No. 4, pp. 611-631). Springer Netherlands.

Miller, L. G. (1968). Double Jeopardy and the Federal System. University of Chicago Press.

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