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As Sipe (2013) points out, different couples have different perspectives on sex issues. Any of them agree that sexual expectation in relationships is so strong that it leads to healthier relationships. Others will believe that it would harm the partnership in certain circumstances, but this is not always the case. Many who agree that sex will decide the essence of their relationship are more likely to believe that problems with sexual issues are a symptom of greater problems. On the other hand, those who believe in sex as an influential force in relationships seldom encourage it to impact their relationship (Sipe, 2013). However, there are external factors that influence the perception of the significance of sex in relationships. The content in mainstream media is among such factors. The mainstream media provides different context of sexual relationships and roles among couples. The paper analyzes the nature that the research was originally placed by Maxwell and other scholars against the publication on a Neuroscience News.

The original journal argues that sex is not easy and fulfilling as it is evident that most of the couples struggle to attain sexual satisfaction. The research draws the arguments from the relationships implicit theories to analyze the individual beliefs on the maintenance of sexual satisfaction towards shaping a better relationship. The research therefore aims at analyzing the two main beliefs that are used in defining sexual relationships. These theories include the sexual growth belief and the sexual destiny belief. According to Maxwell et al. (2016), the concept of sexual growth belief asserts that sexual satisfaction requires work and effort in maintaining it over the period of the relationship. On the other hand, those who adopt sexual destiny beliefs argue that the natural compatibility that exists between sexual couples is an essential aspect for them to maintain a healthy sexual relationship (Ellis, 2007). In the case where sexual satisfaction is not attained then the relationship is negatively affected.

The research provides a succinct introduction on the theories adopted in the measures intended at providing a scale for assessing the variance between the two theories. The popular journal provides brief insights into Maxwell’s research. The journal skips the entire research conducted on the implicit beliefs in the welfare and outcome of relationships. The main research by Maxwell et al (2016) goes through a synthesis of well-researched journals to draw the conclusions. For the purpose of comprehension of what leads to the conclusion on the nature of relationships and sex, there should be a broader coverage. The author does this by first investigating the basic beliefs, the manner in which people change their internal attributes and if the attributes that lead them towards these notions are fixed (Maxwell et al. 2016).

However, there is one aspect that popular media journal incorporates that the author left out. The media has had a significant influence on the sexual beliefs and the manner in which they are manifested among different people. Most people spend most of their time on the television and other forms of media that portrays a modernized form of pop culture. Arguably, this has had a direct effect on the sexual perceptions of many. Furthermore, it has become a center for seeking direction, advice and guidance by many through the educational media platforms and borrowed ideas from movies (Simon & Gagnon, 2011). The journal provides a highly compelling case by arguing that the pop culture has conditioned most individuals to understand and perceive the aspects of the relationships as shown in the movies. However, Maxwell’s research does not miss everything besides the concept of sharing some aspects such as the division of house roles and chores which also demands effort and work.

The popular media presents the aspects of relationships as those supported in Maxwell’s research and some other aspects. The author covered the nature in which the ideas incorporated in relationships may come from phony magazines. However, she did not incorporate the portrayal of sex by the Hollywood characters that provide an entirely different context of sexual relationships and romance. For instance, the popular media shows that bachelors may have less restrictions and obligations, which could greatly lead to the philosophy of ‘soulmate’. This philosophy implies that the bachelors tend to be less dedicated and less adaptable to the conflicts and the issues that arise as time passes in a relationship (Butzer & Campbell, 2008). The popular media narrows the basis for their research by trying to imply that media has significant influence on sexual relationships as people are transitioning towards what they constantly observe and consume.

Maxwell’s research broadens the concept of the two theories of sexual destiny and sexual growth. Through a series of research on destiny believers and growth believers, some conclusive arguments were found in the author’s research. Maxwell (2016) found that destiny believers tend to be in a position to overcome the threats in their relationships just as the sexual growth believers but this is only in the case where they feel compatible. This adds to the argument on the popular media journal where it states that women tend to be enthusiastic consumers of the soulmate and the romantic destiny concepts and narratives. On the other hand, Maxwell’s study adds that women could believe more that sex in the long-term relationship requires effort and commitment. This can be based on statement by Maxwell that for women, sexual satisfaction needs more effort that they tend to rate it higher up the sexual growth scale.

The popular journal highlights another critical aspect of Maxwell’s research. The research findings are that, in the case of the sexual-growth beliefs where couples can safeguard the impact that results from the problems that arise from the bedroom. Additionally they do not always seem to become highly substantial to the solution of the issues. On the other hand, the journal also highlights the findings that sexual-destiny believers are open to changing their sex life and conducts to fulfill or impress their partners (Ogas & Gaddam, 2011). But this only happens where they are convinced that the partners are the true soulmate. Finally, the conclusive finding of the research is that couples who are struggling with satisfaction issues may take comfort in the fact that bedroom issues are normal and do not imply straight up problems for the relationship.


In summary, the journal authored by Maxwell et al (2016) and popular media show the manner in which couples communicate ideas and issues on sexual satisfaction and relationship status. Maxwell (2016) focuses on understanding the connection between sexual satisfaction and relationships. The author acknowledges that maintenance of sexual satisfaction can be challenged especially among romantic relationships that last long. The research conducted denotes that people who believe in ways that sexual satisfaction can be maintained play a significant role in shaping their relationship connection and sexual desires.

Maxwell et.al (2016) illustrates the essence of sexual satisfaction as it encourages closeness and happiness among couples. This does not imply that sexual satisfaction is the core factor that holds a relationship. Instead, it is one of the essential factors that facilitate, strengthens, and ignites a relationship. Therefore, it shapes the long-term outlook of the relationship. For example, Maxwell et al (2016) concludes by stating that the individuals that believe that the maintenance of sexual satisfaction is based on the effort put and work are usually satisfied. Whereas, those who believe that sexual satisfaction is dependent on the compatibility experiences of the partner then the quality of their relationship is more likely to be volatile.

On the other hand, popular media journal does not go into the necessary detail in explaining core aspect of sexuality and relationship.  However, by use of information obtained from Maxwell’s journal the article, the popular media journal is able to describe the term sexual destiny and its relation to long-term relationships. The article focuses on the benefits of sexual satisfaction to long-term relationships. Furthermore, it advises the audience that it takes effort and hard work for any relationship to last. However, the journal highlights what Maxwell aims at addressing. But for one who desires to accrue more knowledge on the same subject, it is advisable to review the original journal by Maxwell and understand the modes of research utilized.


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