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Determination and Perseverance

I grew up on the outskirts of Tokyo, Japan, a city rich in history and culture. My father worked as an investigative reporter for the Japan Times. Like my father, I have always set high standards for myself because I believe in not only doing my best but also doing what is asked of me at any given time without compromising my dignity. Ladies and ladies, I'd like us to look at the first chapter of my life, titled "Determination and Perseverance."

Persistence and dedication are required. A couple of years after gaining admission in high school, my father who had created a reputation for himself as a shrewd and an uncompromising journalist was detained by the state for fifteen months for doing a story on unprecedented levels in the country. Despite the many challenges I faced early in life, I perfectly understood that there was a tremendous cost in giving up (Burley, 2017). I stayed determined in my pursuit of academic excellence and passing the rigorous tests was never an option for me. Due my father's detention, my family was forced to live in abject penury. From my father's arrest and his determination to tell the truth, I learnt that we should always defend the truth at all times. Let us now focus on the second chapter of my life titled "Breakthrough."


My academic success mirrors my willingness to be to 10% of my graduating class and be the most passionate and qualified architecture graduated. After graduating with a distinction, I volunteered with "Make a Difference" an organisation that focuses on providing affordable housing for low-income families in Detroit.

While working with the agency, I designed three of the most fascinating and breathtaking buildings in Detroit. Moreover, I won three consecutive awards as the best volunteer and the most creative architect in Detroit (Murai, 2017). From the incident, I learnt that we have a responsibility to transform the lives of those around us. I would like to take the committee through the last chapter of my life titled "Getting Better."

Getting Better

Throughout my life, I have always appreciated importance of being creative and an active team player. If granted an opportunity to be part of your staff, I will do my utmost best to ensure that the company's mission and vision are achieved. Additionally, I believe that my vast wealth of experience will be of maximum benefit to the firm.

During my academic journey, I suffered from acute diabetes. Fortunately, I met a doctor who took me through a series of treatments until I fully recovered. Ladies and gentlemen that was a brief look into the last chapter of my life which unlike the other episodes, is filled with more opportunities and achievements. The three chapters make up my amazing life story, the struggles I faced while growing up, attaining academic excellence and lastly being recognised as the most creative architect in Detroit. Indeed, there is a tremendous cost in giving up.


Burley, K. (2017). Importance of Teamwork. Chron.com, Retrieved From http://smallbusiness.chron.com/describe-importance-teamwork-17901.html.

Murai, S. (2017). International Students. The Japan Times, 55-66.

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