Written by Tom Stoppard, the undiscovered country

The undiscovered world, written by Tom Stoppard, tries to explain why the action of the people is identical to an undiscovered country. The point is that people like to believe that they know a lot about other people only to find out that they knew them hardly. This play illustrates how experiences once influence those around them (‘”The Undiscovered Country of Tom Stoppard: An Existentialist Society Play”). In brief, this game deals with appearances and their respective environmental consequences.
This play is carried out in a villa where the setting has changed in order to illustrate the various facets of the destination. Several characters such as Jennifer Harmon, May Layne, and James Phipps are the most common in this play (“Tom Stoppard’s Undiscovered Country: An Existentialist Society Play”). Other characters include guards, waiters, and receptionists. The play majorly focusses on the relations among these people. These characters are given these names since they have a close relationship. They appear in the play from time to time, and hence they have the same names all through the play.

The background of the design is common since the play does not change the permanent features of the location. The stares on the wall appear throughout the play despite the design of the hangings and the people around it. People change their dressing, the hangings change in color, the type of people and their roles change from one scene to another scene but these stares remain as they are since they are permanent. The floor design is also the same all over the place.

In the play, the furniture does not change. However, the movable furniture is changed in terms of its position and sometimes totally removed from the scene. In this design, the receptionist is standing yet in another scene he is operating in a stand. The appearance of the workers is also different. At one time in the play, the guard is sleeping on a chair, yet the receptionist is attending to other people. This scene is meant to bring a difference between the hotels in London which are considered as expensive and flashy from other hotels that do not value their clients to this level.

Lighting is also of paramount importance since it used to show the time of the day. In this design, the lighting indicates that it is at night. The attendant is communicating with a client in this play as he enjoys a drink. The hotel is not populated. There are no other people in the hotel. The space created by having an empty table is to bring out the emptiness of the hotel. The attendant is also standing waiting to serve the only client.

The blue coloring on the tables is used to bring more light to the play. This color increases the amount of brightness in the room. The paintings on the wall are used to bring out a natural mood on the play. The atmosphere is dull, and hence the thick sky in the picture suggests this idea. Furthermore, the flower vases located inside the villa are used to decorate.

In conclusion, Undiscovered Country by Tom Stoppard is an adventurous play used to bring out various traits and perceptions held by people regarding other people and the surrounding. Through the changing of appearance, people tend to change perceptions towards other people and places. The writer of the play brings out this fact to light by using different people’s dressing and villas to justify his claim.

Work cited

Rambler. “Tom Stoppard’s Undiscovered Country: An Existentialist Society Play.” Literary Ramblings. N.P., 2014. Web. 6 Oct. 2017.

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