Women are still paid significantly less than men doing the same job.

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Given the fact that more women graduate from college than men, and the average rise in the number of women in upper-level jobs, women still earn slightly less pay than men do the same job.
Reason 1: Increased stereotypes of gender roles in the US.
Evidence: Men mostly take on administrative work in most businesses in the US, while women take on the lower secretariat and human resource management positions. The gender roles involved have resulted in poor pay for women. And as women ascend to positions dominated by men, in contrast to men in similar positions, they end up receiving less. Reason 2: Under-valuation of women’s work
Evidence: Even though the number women graduating from college is higher than that of men, this does not necessarily translate to pay rise for women. Women are seen to be having many commitments including caring for the children and thus this is seen to affect their productivity at the workplace

Reason 3: Women have weak bargaining power

Evidence: Whenever they get to job interviews, when asked about salary, they readily agree with the company’s offer. They rarely argue their case for more wage and even while at work, women rarely argue for salary increment. As opposed to men, most of them during interviews would state why they need a pay increase before signing a contract. The fact that women are more likely to be comfortable with what they are offered has deepened the pay gap in the United States.


Counterclaim: The pay gap in the US is not only based on gender but also on race

Refutation: Whereas there is the popular belief that pay gap is only based on gender, research shows that race also determines the pay for an individual in the US.

Counterclaim: Women have the capability to bargain for better pay

Refutation: women can champion for their better pay by bargaining for increased salaries. They can also work hard and prove that they can equally perform similar tasks and give better results.


There is need to support pay equity in the US to boost productivity at work and appreciate both genders on an equal measure. Discrimination against women at work lowers their self-esteem thus reducing their efforts to give their best at work. Women should be bold enough to bargain for better and equal pay if they are taking similar roles as male workers. They should come out and fight for themselves for fair pay and focus on increasing their productivity to enhance their bargaining power. With fewer efforts from women, achieving pay equity becomes increasingly difficult.

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