Winston in Winston

Winston joined the Ingsoc movement after the same movement's revolt claimed the lives of his family. He developed a distaste for the Ingsoc way of life while working in the ministry of truth as an adult and believed he could alter the situation. He and Julia shared the same mentality, but he was curious as to whether O'Brien would share it. However, it soon became clear that he was hiding out while deceiving Winston to learn his ideas and thoughts. He was an obedient Ministry of Love devotee, and the clerk who gave him a room recommendation was a thought Police. After the arrest of the Julia and Winston; who were lovers, they subjected to torture while in prison. The torture was to uproot their ideologies about the Ingsoc movement. The paper notes the behavior of the loyal members against the open-minded people in that place. It shows all the torture carried on the open minded and people willing to live free without fear.

After Winston opening up his mind he started writing down all the evil deeds done by the Ingsoc movement in Oceania.

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