Why we fight – series of propaganda films

Why we fight is a series of propaganda films produced during World War II by the US Department of War. These films were designed to instill a sense of national pride in Americans. In the process, they aimed to motivate people to fight and support the war effort. The films are based on personal experience, archive footage, and documentaries.

The Why We Fight series of documentaries were made as a way to educate the public about the war, and emphasized the importance of winning the war against the Axis powers. The films were produced by Frank Capra, a Hollywood director who had worked on many Hollywood films and had a wide range of political views.

The film starts by discussing the rise of the military-industrial complex, and how it has shaped American foreign policy throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. It also features numerous interviews with government officials, including senators, congressmen, military officers, and intelligence personnel. It takes a critical look at the many reasons why the United States is drawn into wars, and examines how it has become so deeply involved in so many of them.

Archive footage
The film Why We Fight offers compelling evidence that the military and arms industry profit from war. It explores the ties between these companies and government officials. In doing so, the film challenges the public to question the role of the military-industrial complex in our government. Its aim is to make the audience think about their own values and why they support war.

Archive footage is news footage from the past, which has been used as a means to tell a story. While stock footage was shot specifically to be re-used, archive footage has aesthetic and cultural significance.

Personal experiences
Why We Fight is an absorbing documentary, presenting the experiences of two men and one woman who are committed to making a better world. The filmmakers use their own personal experiences to provide a broader perspective on the world. While some of the points raised may not be particularly new, the film’s emotional appeal lies in the personal stories of both men and women.

Why We Fight is an important documentary about the military-industrial complex and the underlying motivations behind wars. It highlights the massive profits that companies make from war and the close ties between these corporations and government officials. As a result, the film raises serious questions about the influence of the military-industrial complex in our government.

Root causes
The history of fighting has been an important contributor to the causes of many conflicts, and the structure of societies can influence conflicts. For example, the European Union made war among its members unthinkable, and the Organisation for African Unity aims to promote cohesion in Africa. The presence of such bodies, and their ability to mobilise people by using their collective memory, is important.

The causes of wars are many and varied, and we must address the underlying causes of conflict. For instance, the existence of extreme poverty is a major contributing factor to conflicts. Reducing poverty and environmental degradation reduces the likelihood of war, while reducing large horizontal inequalities can also help reduce war. Moreover, policies that reduce the incentives of private actors to engage in war are needed in countries prone to conflict. And finally, a flourishing economy is essential for most people.

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