Why citizenship owns feudal rights?

According to Welzer (2008)

Privileges are things that one can legitimately acquire or pass down through inheritance. On the other hand, feudalism entails fighting or quarreling over a particular item or task because one feels deserving of taking part in it.

According to Joseph Carens (1987)

Feudal advantages are the reason why people seek for the same rights as other people who are citizens of their residents in the modern world. The implication here is that citizens possess feudal privileges because of the fact that equal rights are not attained by all parties in an equal perspective despite the fact that the contribution offered to the State are similar.

What makes feudal privilege different from most other eminences?

Feudal privilege is different because of the fact that foreign born-citizens perceive that they are working hard with the objective building a better country, but their rights are not practiced. On the other hand, Citizens of the said country are likely to fight foreign born-citizens in terms of equal opportunities on the basis that they are not from that same state. Merry (2016), demonstrates that the feudal privileges are different because of denying rights to foreign born-citizens, despite the fact that they deserve every aspect of the development. The outcome of the feudal privilege is citizens relate negatively with the society and as a result, crime rate rises. Essentially, feudal privileges are different because they are rights meant for all citizens, especially those foreign born-citizens, but are denied wrongfully.

Implications for foreigners who enter the terrains of western democracies

When it comes to matters associated with feudal privileges, the implication for foreigners who enter the territories of western democracies is likely to be a negative one. The rationale is based on the fact that they are likely to be denied rights of the said territory on the basis that they are not part of the state. There is likely to be more feud for aspects related to who deserves what and does not. According to Welzer (2008), the contents of feudal privileges are likely to increase because each member will be willing to participate towards a better society, but the fact that some rights are likely to be denied, fights and quarrels could occur. Essentially, the implication for foreigners who enter territories of western democracies would be met resistance from resistance, and their development would be countered on the basis of being aliens.

Why democracies need to offer foreign-born residents with the option of acquiring citizenship?

Merry (2016), entails that democracies ought to offer foreign-born residents citizenship to enable them produce and earn significantly more than they are on the economic sidelines. The outcome of the event is productivity and wage gains would ripple through the economy as foreign born-citizen tend to act as consumers and at the same time as tax payers. Additionally, their contribution will also entail demand in the economy for more products and services which would create employment opportunities for the economy. Welzer (2008), shows that the move of offering citizenship to foreign born-citizens would generate positive results for the state as it increases the economic status of the country because those involved work, as hard as others to generate the set objective in the economy. Fundamentally, offering foreign born-citizens with citizenship rights is the best and appropriate entity that can be utilized to better the rights of both types of citizens in a country.

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