White Privilege

White Privileges

White privileges are special unearned intangible unrecognized advantages and properties, expectations and resources that are naturally and implicitly conferred, regardless of wealth, gender or other factors, enjoyed by European Americans that help sustain high social status.

Quick Operation in Conducive Environments

Fortunately, whites operate quickly in conducive environments, generating results with the rest working faultlessly in difficult settings.

Unequal White Enrichment

The privileges yield unequal white enrichment who enter desirable homes at the denial of the same to the blacks also repeated with easily trustworthy whites in the financial institutions.

Advantage in Education and Employment

Poor funded urban schools produce lower grades for color students unjustly advantaging whites in higher educational and job levels (McIntosh,1988). The colored suffer spared injustice treatment with the Whites assumed to be law-abiding until they show contrary while the inverse is true of people of color (Johnson, 2006).

Racial Bias and Fragility

The colored suffer framing racial issues and White fragility which produces racially biased responses to trigger defensive reactions (KKK). Whites have historically had more opportunities to amass wealth, exposed to better employment, economics and military chances, unlike the blacks.

Origin of the Concept of "White Race"

In his lectures, Tim Wise sheds light on the origin of the concept of “white race,” which changes the perceptions.

Mitigating Privilege

In mitigating, recognize that having privilege does not amount to guilt while challenging systems of privilege and oppression in life. We should also understand and engaging in discussions on privilege being aware of and being honest about our perspectives and how these may or may not contribute to biases that in turn may help, even unintentionally, to prejudice, inequity, isolation, poverty, and violence. Tim’s white audience lecture is an example.

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