Where Local Meets Global: Environmental Justice on the US-Mexico Border

It is clear from David Carruthers' essay Where Local Meets Global: Environmental Justice on the US-Mexico Border that the author places particular emphasis on the effects felt by people who live close to the border. According to the author, the near to the border export assembly plants' industrial waste is what causes the effects that are felt. The politics surrounding energy are also having an effect, which is a direct result of Baja, a region in California, taking on the role of exporting liquefied natural gas in order to meet US demand. (Carruthers 138). Due to the effects, the community has been engaged in a collaborative effort to achieve environmental justice. As a result of the impacts, the community has been brought in collaboration towards the realization of environmental justice concept.

According to David Carruthers, the struggle against chemical hazards precipitated by chemical hazards from industrial parks and factories has been well documented in both academic journals and the media through journalistic accounts. As a result, questions have been arising about the capacity of protecting communities and workers around the border to the extent where some local cases have been highlighted at the international perspectives. For instance, the author of the article argues that the regions around the Mexican and America border have been proved to possess grave risk to human health thereby calling for remediation and intervention beyond the community collaboration whose primary focus has been championing for environmental justice (Carruthers 140).

Summarily, it can be noted from the article the account of borderland environmental justice has demonstrated a peculiar phenomenon of dealing with the risk at US-Mexico border posed by industries located in the region. For instance, the issues have initiated a growing bond of cross-border social movement collaboration and the social conception of environmental justice between communities in Baja and those in Mexico (Carruthers 151).

Work Cited

Carruthers, David V. "Where local meets global: Environmental justice on the US-Mexico border." Environmental justice in Latin America: Problems, promise and practice (2008): 136-160.

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