What could Mrs. Mills do to alleviate some of Ginny’s stress

First off

Grinny has a lot of obligations in her role as a human resource assistant. She has assumed all of the director's previous responsibilities. These involve keeping up with employee records, participating in interviews, and hiring. Even worse, she is told to take on some receptionist tasks during her hour-long lunch break in order to cover for any absences or ill days. The receptionist, however, refuses to cooperate because Grinny is overworked as a result of her tardiness during the break. Hence, Mrs. Mills must come to her rescue or else it will make Grinny quit her job due to the stress of being overworked. First, they need to hire an assistant receptionist who will exchange duties with the other. It is good to work with the terms and conditions agreed between the employer and the employee. Then the receptionist needs to be warned on the importance of keeping time. She is causing a lot of inconveniences to Grinny’s schedule and duties that are specifically meant for her.


there is the significant need for the two, that is Mrs. Mills and Grinny to have a meeting and make agreements. Grinny also needs advice because she seems to be giving up on her new job. The boss needs to advise her new employee and make her feel comfortable at her workplace. It is because of Grinny's complaints on the misinterpretation of her job and roles. In conclusion, I can state that Grinny's claims are genuine and her boss should put them into consideration so that Grinny can also enjoy her new job that she spent four years studying.

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