What are the Humanities?

The Evolution of Human Accomplishments

The humanities are a branch of research that focuses on the evolution of different facets of human accomplishments across history and throughout the present. The research of prehistoric and early years of evolution, for example, illustrates the numerous achievements of human beings in the fields of literature, philosophy, history, and religion. The history of human culture, according to Benton and DiYanni (p.14), demonstrates how humans came to create instruments, discover language, and invent literature. Furthermore, the humanities provide human beings' organizational and social systems, as well as their efforts and the results of their cultural experiences and cultures. As a field of study, the humanities help people to engage in discussions, dialogue, debates, and criticisms aimed at improving the human experiences of life. They play a significant role in exploration, thinking, knowledge development, and building relationships among people (Benton and DiYanni 14). For example, the readings of ancient historic books helped Henry David Thoreau to relive the ancient times of civilizations, and informed his prowess, passion and interest in the humanities. As a result, Thoreau has become a popular and one of the most influential writers and scholars, helping people across the world to improve their social lives.

The Role of Art in Understanding Humanities

Humanities have been predominantly been understood through the arts. Such areas of art as painting, literature, music, filming, photography, and drawing have been used in many ways to depict the social and political development of human societies (Benton and DiYanni 15). For instance, art has been used in various revolutionary movements to pass messages of the oppressed; thus it has become a means of communication to promote social welfare and political tolerance. The arts are also used to pass religious messages such as the drawings of Virgin Mary and Jesus. Therefore, the humanities are essential aspects of human accomplishments that promote solidarity and social, religious and political development.

Works Cited

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