Welfare assistance in US

Providing welfare assistance and its implications

Providing welfare assistance has been a contentious subject in the United States throughout its history. From the colonial era, public welfare policy has reflected the belief that indigenous peoples are to blame for their plight. The old welfare system provided assistance to the needy to the point where they believed it was their entitlement to receive assistance. As a result, they were unable to work in order to earn a living and thus developed a poverty mentality. When people are given cash assistance, it is likely that they will not work, causing the economy's output to remain low. Due to the supply of cash, it is likely that they do not work and hence the production levels in the economy remain low. Due to the supply of cash, it is likely that the economy will experience inflation that in turn weakens the currency.<\/p>

Forum Two - Price elasticity of demand in education

Price elasticity of demand refers to the responsiveness of demand to changes in prices of commodities in the market. College administrators can use the concept of price elasticity of demand in projecting the potential change in demand for the education services in case the tuition fee is increased. Students could opt to attend other cheaper colleges when the fee is increased.<\/p>

A single student cannot pay for the full cost of production of the education services. Instead, the pool of students together collectively pay for the full production of the services. This is so because, in a pool of students, they all benefit from the education; could be equally or differently depending on the individual students.<\/p>

Forum Three - Reverse discrimination and its consequences

Government action can result in reverse discrimination through legislation with special emphasis being put on offering advantages to the minority groups like the blacks, Hispanics, and the women. Reverse discrimination is an unfair way to mitigate the past injustices. This is so because the people and the generations that pay the price and those that caused the disparities are different. The current members of the majority groups pay for the actions of their predecessors, and it is unfair to them.<\/p>

Forum Four - Wage differences and job security

All employees bring different abilities and skills to the job, and no two jobs are congruent to each other. Occupations with suppressed variability among the jobs and the workers are likely to have smaller wage differences. Demanding for higher wages and job security at the same time is contradictory. The reason behind this argument is that as wages skyrocket in different industries, the employers are unable to maintain the high wage bills and the same time the employees are quitting jobs in order to pursue careers in the highly paying industries.<\/p>

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