View on philosophy of a good life

A good life, in Lame Deer's opinion, is one in which the individual lives authentically. He continues by saying that a successful existence is one in which a person accepts themselves as they are without attempting to change their bodies (Brown, 23). All people are distinct individuals with varied natures and personality traits. According to Deer, valuing this component is what contributes to living a good life. This is due to the overwhelming sense of satisfaction it produces. He explains how people have been driving away from living a good life as they try to hide who they are both from themselves and others. He gives an example of how people use make-up and other techniques to hold aging at bay. Engaging in such makes people judge themselves according to how they are perceived by others instead of how they value and feel about themselves (Brown, 2t).

View on modernity

In his view, many people have negatively been impacted by the aspect of modernity. Modernity has made the world revolve around the forces of demand and supply. As such, people have been reduced to objects which are constantly striving to be in line with these forces so as not to be affected negatively (Brown, 33). He explains that the modern society is an ever running machine and people define themselves based on their role in it. Those who benefit more from it are perceived better than others. As a result, people try to gain the most from this system and in the process end up spending their entire lives focused on money (Brown, 36). They are reduced to cogs within this system of modernity. Modernity has made people forget that there is more to life than just money.

View of America based on Lame Deer's context

America can easily be viewed within the context of Lame Deer's outlook. In America, many individuals are not true to themselves. Many fail to appreciate their uniqueness and instead focus on that within others. People mainly focus on key personalities in the society such as artists and sportsmen and women and try as much as possible to emulate them I order to be like them (Brown, 2013). However, they forget that these personalities are appreciated due to their unique traits not for emulating others. Also, American citizens live their entire lives only concerned about money. The society has built a perception that those with more money are more superior to others. This is evident in the VVIP treatment given to those with more money to spend. Americans desire this type of a lifestyle and therefore spend their entire lives in such of such large amounts of money. This has made them forget more precious things in life such as family and the environment.

Personal life changes in line with Lame Deer's view

To live a life as suggested by Gandhi, there are various changes I would have to make in mine. To start with, I will have to learn to appreciate myself more and stop trying to be like other people. I will work towards discovering the unique traits within me and nurturing them. I will embrace these aspects about me and feel free to showcase them to the world. Moreover, I will ensure that my life does not revolve around money alone. I will focus on other significant things in my life such as spending quality time with my family and volunteering to participate in environmental conservation. Additionally, I will judge people more based on their character and not their wealth. As such, I will not view people as more superior beings simply because they have more money than others.

Question two: Summary of Gandhi

View on philosophy of a good life

According to Gandhi, a good life is one whereby the four canonical goals of a human being are fulfilled. These four include artha, dharma, kama, and moksha (Prasad, 18). Artha entails wealth and power. He explains that human beings have an innate desire for possessions. Acquiring this brings a lot of satisfaction which is key for a good life. Dharma refers to religion, righteousness, and duties. Here, Gandhi explains that the reason people do what is right and what conforms to the society's norms is that gives people a sense of satisfaction. By participating positively in something larger than them, people feel comfortable with their lives. Kama comprises of sexuality, aesthetic, and pleasure all which Gandhi says are natural aspects of human beings. Fulfilling this desire, therefore, brings about satisfaction. Finally, he talks of moksha which refers to the pursuit of spiritual liberation. He explains that people are in constant search of having a relationship with a superior power as it gives them satisfaction. The coordinated search and fulfillment of these aspects result in a good life.

View on modernity

Gandhi has a negative view on modernity. His negative view is particularly due to the aspect of liberalism. He is against the modernity principles which allow people to do as they please on various issues such as consumption. Gandhi feels that such aspects should be controlled or regulated so as to promote equity within the society (Prasad, 41). Moreover, Gandhi also talks about the aspect of capitalism. He says that those advocating for capitalism only tell people one side of its implications and fail to explain the other. In his view, capitalism brings about disparities within the society. It brings about inequality, and the more it grows so does the division within the society. He goes ahead to say that such a system only benefits a few while oppressing more who are forced to struggle even more to support the system. As such, it fosters consumerism and in turn submerses democracy (Prasad, 49).

View of America based on Gandhi's context

There is a huge relationship between present day America and Gandhi's view on various life aspects. To start with, Gandhi's four canonicals of the good life can easily be understood by viewing people's lives. American's are always working to acquire more wealth and power. As explained by Gandhi, this is because it gives them satisfaction due to the ability and commands it grants them. Other aspects such as aesthetic and pleasure make people happy leading to a good life. Americans also believe in different religions and are in pursuit of spiritual liberation. Freedom of religion is a right in the constitution. This shows they value it as part of what makes them live good lives. Further, many American's are liberals. They believe in the freedom to do as they please. This makes them consume as much as they like even during shortages. This only makes things worse, and those without buying power are the once who suffer most. Capitalism has also brought about a great division within the American society whereby there are people with excess wealth and possessions while others struggle to make ends meet.

Personal life changes in line with Gandhi's view

To live a life as suggested by Gandhi, there are various changes I would have to make in mine. First, I would have to pursue my spiritual liberation more. To achieve this, I will have to be involved more in my religion by learning more about it and being actively involved in the various activities it entails. Secondly, I will have to be more conservative. Throughout my life, I have always acted freely on many aspects such as consumption as I felt it was part of my life. However, based on Gandhi's teachings, I will be more conserved on how I utilize my freedom. I will ensure it does not affect others negatively. Finally, though I cannot change the entire capitalist system, I will channel my energy to ensuring it does not increase the disparity between the upper class and the lower class. This can be achieved through sharing what is obtained with the less fortunate in the society as well as supporting them by giving them opportunities to lead better lives.

Question three: Summary of Dalai Lama

View on philosophy of a good life

According to Dalai Lama, various aspects of life lead to a good life. These aspects can be summarized in three pillars which are love, happiness, and continuous learning (Lama, 26). In his teachings, he constantly talks about love and its importance in our lives. He says that love brings about harmony in the society which makes people live good lives. It also gives people a sense of belonging. By loving others, an individual can live a good life and fosters others to do the same. He notes that love is the foundation of life. He also talks about happiness. He advises people to do things that make them happy such as visiting a new place annually. This happiness makes someone feel more content with his or her life which results to living a good life. Continuous learning is a significant part of living a good life. As Dalai Lama notes, people should ensure they always learn from every occurrence in their lives whether an achievement or a failure (Lama, 35). He says that there is a reason behind everything that happens in life and learning this leads to a good life.

View on modernity

Dalai Lama has a contradicting view on modernity. This is because he is both a modernist as well as a traditionalist both in deed and action. In his daily life routines, he does things that are in line with modernity such as appreciate modernity and make use of recent technological developments (Lama, 44). He is also keen on his tradition since he performs daily rituals together with other monks. In his teachings, he greatly advocates for people to embrace their tradition. He explains that modernity does not refer to westernization (Lama, 48). Here, he points out by embracing modernity; people should not forget their culture and only follow the western culture. He further points out that the beauty of this world is the diversification of culture which everyone should embrace. However, he also cautions against the following of tradition blindly. He explains that as much as people should be loyal to their tradition, they should also appreciate the fact that modernity is meant to shed more light on various traditional aspects.

View of America based on Dalai Lama's context

America is a much-diversified nation. It is made of people with different cultures. As a result, many are the times that people tend to forego their traditions. Many people struggle to strike a balance within modernity and their traditions. As such, there is a great conflict between these two aspects. This is because people feel that you cannot have it both ways. Many people feel that you are either a modernist or a traditionalist. However, as Dalai Lama explains, people can strike a balance between the two (Lama, 52). However, in the 21st Century, many have made great strides towards striking a balance between these two aspects. People have learned to stay true to their religions. However, in the case that there is a scientific development which contradicts with people's traditions but is supported by facts, people welcome the new development. As explained by Dalai Lama, this is because modernity is meant to shed more light on various traditional aspects.

Personal life changes in line with Dalai Lama's view

To live a life as suggested by Gandhi, there are various changes I would have to make in mine. To start with, I will focus more on things that make me happy. I will do this by spending more time nurturing my talent and hobbies. Also, I will make a point of being optimistic and looking on the bright side on everything that happens. This will enable me to learn from my experiences at every step in my life. Finally, I will appreciate both my tradition and modernity and strive to strike a balance between the two.

Comparing and contrasting Lame Deer, Gandhi, and The Dalai Lama's views based on the perception of Freud and Highly Evolved Beings

Deer, Gandhi, and Lama have concurring and contradicting views on various aspects. To start with, the three individuals agree on that it is paramount for people to live good lives. They also agree that to live a good life; people should focus more on other aspects of the society apart from money such as their social relations with others. There is also some contradiction on this part. Lame Deer's view is that money and wealth does not make one live a good life (Brown, 36). On the contrary, Gandhi's view is that money and wealth is a critical part of living a good life as it brings about satisfaction (Prasad, 21). The three individuals agree that modernity is well implemented comes with numerous benefits. At the same time, they agree that it has its negative aspects. However, they have different views as to why modernity has brought about negative impacts. According to Lame Deer, modernity has turned the society into a static system operated by the never ending forces of demand and supply. He explains that people have become subjects to this system as they always strive to fulfill it through production and consumption (Brown, 36). On the other hand, Gandhi feels that the reason why it has impacted the society negatively is through liberalism and capitalism. He points out that these two aspects of modernity have turned the society into a man-eat-man community whereby people do whatever they want as long as it benefits them (Prasad, 49). They do not put into consideration how it affects others. He explains that modernity has turned people into selfish beings and brought fostered inequality within the society. However, the Dalai Lama feels that modernity can be well embraced and by striking a balance between it and tradition (Lama, 52). This will help avert the negative impacts pointed out by Lame Deer and Gandhi.

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