Use of Marijuana in the United States

Marijuana Use and Cultivation

Marijuana was first used in Central Asia before being introduced to other parts of the world. Hemp was used to making ropes, paper, and sails, as well as edible seeds. Because of its rapid growth, the plant was widely cultivated in colonial America. Farmers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Virginia were allowed to grow cannabis in the early 1600s. Even though marijuana use is illegal in the United States, some states have passed legalization legislation, arguing that it has industrial and medical applications (Hasin et al. 1238). The federal law states that it is illegal to buy, sell, and cultivate marijuana, as it is a scheduled drug which has a high potential for abuse. The use of the drug has been criminalized under the Interstate Commerce Clause which requires all citizens to avoid engaging in any activity that deals with marijuana.

Effects of Marijuana on the Body

When someone smokes marijuana, the tetrahydrocannabinol enters into the body fast and attaches to the cannabinoid receptors. The endocannabinoid system reacts fast to the chemicals that enter the brain. Long-term usage of alcohol makes the tetrahydrocannabinol system to overwhelm the endocannabinoid system thus making the natural chemicals fail to do their job. As a result, the whole brain system becomes off balance (Salas-Wright et al. 398). The use of marijuana makes an individual’s body not to function properly, and one may end up having mental illnesses. I would advise users of marijuana to stop smoking marijuana to avoid the long-term effects of cannabis.

Treatment of Marijuana Abuse

Furthermore, specific groups such as Citizens against Legalizing Marijuana, Police Unions, and Drug-Free America Foundation should be involved in fighting against the use of marijuana. Abuse of marijuana can be treated through various techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and contingency management. Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps an individual develop self-control, stop the use of the drug, and address problems that result from the use of the drug. On the other hand, contingency management involves monitoring the behavior of an individual and awarding the individual when he displays positive behavior.

Works Cited

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