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Unfolding research has continually demonstrated the huge impacts that architecture and format have on health care delivery and its resultant outcomes. Consequently, healthcare and the structural settings of its shipping are inextricable.
Natural light and proper lighting fixtures conditions are examples of elements which are beneficial in the creation of a health care environment. Access to herbal light is associated with decreased stress levels and depression amongst patients in addition to improved fitness outcomes. In patients with sleep disorders, natural lights is crucial to help coordinate their sleep-wake cycles with the herbal environment. As such, enough floor-to-ceiling windows are paramount in healthcare settings. Skylights can also be installed in operating theaters for instance which reduces medical errors associated with poor lighting (Huisman et al., 2012).

Pleasant environments with green areas where patients, their relatives or even staff can experience nature are also important. Nature views have the therapeutic benefit of a pleasurable distraction of patients which may help to alleviate their pain (Huisman et al., 2012). The staff can use outdoor gardens with seats for relaxing and relieving stress which enhances their performance. Artistic elements and the color palette are also crucial. These should be serene as they significantly affect patients’ mood and physiological states, eg, painting stark white on the walls of wards is associated with increased anxiety among patients (Huisman et al., 2012).

Noise reduction with for instance sound-absorbent ceiling tiles can also be utilized. Under reduced noise, patients have better sleep quality which can quicken healing (Huisman et al., 2012). Staff members also have enhanced concentration which reduces medical errors. Properly-designed ventilation systems are also critical, eg, in preventing nosocomial infections resulting from poor air quality (Huisman et al., 2012).


Huisman, E. R. C. M., Morales, E., Van Hoof, J., & Kort, H. S. M. (2012). Healing environment: A review of the impact of physical environmental factors on users. Building and Environment, 58, 70-80.

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