Twins Oaks Hospital Analysis

One of the most pressing challenges is the compensation of nurses. Nurses and secretarial-clerical personnel at Twins Oaks Hospital allege that the administration fails to satisfy their salary levels when compared to other organizations such as Lexington Memorial Hospital. The fundamental issue stems from a comparison of Lexington Memorial Hospital's methods with those of Twins Oaks Hospital, and the employees of the latter believe that their requests are not being satisfied while their pay is low after the former increased nurse pay by 5%. Another Key issue evident is the extent of pay inequalities, with the evidence in the comparable worth study provided by the Union Organizers. As such, the women need to be compensated equally with the men working in any organization. There is an indication of the pay gap existing between the two genders suggesting that the women receive only about forty percent of the total of the male salaries. The underlying issue is that the females require the levels of compensation and payment be similar to have each of them receiving their benefits based on their work output.

Another issue is deciding on whether the comparable worth is a legitimate strategy for Twins Oak Hospital as the compensation approach. Hardy, Swayer, and Cooper all engage in a discussion of whether the method should be used to compensate the workers. The analysis reveals that, despite the comparable worth bringing equity in the pay and compensation for all the employees, an underlying issue of external performance is not addressed. As such, there is a suggestion to develop an evaluation plan explicitly tailored for Twins Oaks System, but would take some time and affect the satisfaction of the already complaining workers.

Discuss the facts which affect these issues

The Union Organizers and the Employee Unions within the region are determined to see an increase in the pay levels for the nurses in all the organizations. It is evident that the Union Organizers are responsible for the providing the workers with the comparable worth studies to educate the employees of how their pay is different. Moreover, these supporters of change have collaborated with the workers to cause demonstrations claiming for a rise in the payment for nurses and equal compensation for both genders.

One of the facts affecting the need for the selection of an appropriate compensation approach for Twins Oaks Hospital is the improved system for compensating employees utilized by its competitors. These organizations have agreed to a five percent increase in the pay for their nurses, which affects how the workers of the organization react towards their demands. Similarly, equal pay among these staff members is problematic since the females obtain less compensation compared to the male, regardless of the similarities in work and job positions (Evans, Sara and Barbara Nelson 270). Moreover, the career growth for the ladies is lower than that of the men, which is an underlying issue.

Another factor that is evidently affecting Twins Oaks Hospital is the need for competitive advantage. It is notable that the organization is trying to compete externally with Lexington Memorial Hospital and other hospitals, which calls for better pay, increased worker satisfaction and proper service delivery to the patients. For this to be achieved, an appropriate compensation system must be implemented. The Comparable Worth Strategy is seen as the most suitable, but various facts limit its application, especially since it does not help to improve the competitive advantage of the institution.

Discuss your tentative solution to the problem and how you would implement your solution

The interim solution to the problems is to adjust the comparable worth to meet the needs of the organization while providing the workers an equal pay. O'Reilly, Jacqueline, et al. (305) suggests that the comparable worth is useful in providing the employees with proper compensation without gender basins. As such, its implementation is deemed to solve the issues arising regarding the equal pay for the workers. Similarly, an increase of five percent for the nurses in the hospital should be approved to improve their competitiveness and collaboration. The expansion will help to compete with the other hospitals externally and improve the services offered by the nurses (Hegewisch, Ariane, and Heidi Hartmann 124).

However, since the comparable worth has limited benefits and may not efficiently meet some of the Hospital's demands, some modifications can be done to improve on the same.

Alternatively, both a custom evaluation approach for the workers and the comparable worth can be implemented in the organization, and the best of the two sides used to gain competitiveness and compensate the workers better. Koskinen Sandberg, Paula, and Paula Koskinen Sandberg (287) Indicates that having a hybrid compensation system may be beneficial in aligning the hospital's strategies with the market trends. Similarly, the needs of the workers will be met efficiently, resulting in growth of the hospital and thus gaining a competitive edge over the competitors in the industry.

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