Treatment and management plan for the patient

Over a specific period of time, an African American female has suffered from dysmenorrhea. Furthermore, dysmenorrhea has been linked to pain during sexual activity. The African American female has been in a love relationship with one male spouse for five years, during which time they have tried unsuccessfully to have children. Furthermore, menstrual periods span 6-7 days and are separated out by 21 days, according to females. The female, on the other hand, denies any vaginal discharge or itching. The examination performed by the gynecologist revealed that there were no obvious lesions, vaginal discharge, or urethral swelling (Schuiling, and Likis, pg. 30). Notably, there was no discharge from the cervix while the uterus was small, non-tender and retroverted

Differential diagnosis for the patient

The differential detection for the condition of dysmenorrhea in a female who is young and otherwise in good health condition entails primary and resultant dysmenorrhea, adenomyosis, endometriosis and cervical stenosis (Nnoaham, Kelechi E., et al. Pg. 370)

The most likely diagnosis for the African American female is secondary dysmenorrhea which includes a diagnosis of conditions such as endometriosis. Endometriosis is a condition that is characterized by pain during sexual intercourse. From the case study, the African American female experiences painful sex with the spouse. Further, Endometriosis is also characterized by the discovery of adnexal tenderness and the findings of the nodules alongside the cul de sac. Therefore, based on the examination of the African American female, it is highly likely that she is suffering from endometriosis.

Treatment and management plan for the patient

Since it is highly probable that the female has endometriosis, the condition should be treated through the use of hormonal therapy to slow the woman's periods (Kennedy, Stephen, et al. pg. 2700)

Strategies for educating patients on Endometriosis

Patients who have endometriosis may be taught more about the condition through articles targeting professionals in health care by writing more information about Endometriosis (Tharpe, Farley, and Jordan, pg. 20)

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