topic of disability

Several studies have been performed on the issue of injury. Beginning in the 1970s, the governments of the United States of America and the United Kingdom questioned impairment medical expertise and the prevailing view of the status of disability. Meetings and sessions have been held for various partners to determine the correct terminologies that can be used to describe disabilities. So, what exactly is a disability? Disability is a controversial issue that is regarded widely by various cultures around the globe. This article explores the concept of disability from a number of angles, presenting various explanations and explaining the meanings. It also extends in describing various causes of disability, classifying and identifying the unique properties in the condition through using facts and examples. Also, creating and formulating stories which give readers the essence of relating and understanding the term disability.
Various scholars have been giving different arguments about disability. The term disability can refer to defect or a disorder or rather an impairment that may be related and biological or even the combination of the listings. It considerably affects one's life, limits the daily activities like farming if the affected is a farmer, if a marathoner is affected with a disorder, his/her performance might deteriorate due to the condition. Disability is also believed that one may have it primarily at birth or in the midst of person's life. A defect or a disorder or impairment is a condition that disturbs the normal functioning of the body and also destroys the structure of the body. For example, a woman with hematocolpos referred to as a medical condition where a woman's vagina gets filled up with menstrual blood. The woman affected will limited time for daily activities and will experience body deformation as the treatment of the condition requires surgical practice. The impairment is thus believed to be the cause different activities limitations encountered by an individual. Therefore, it comes to attention to go forth and discuss and clarify limited participation or rather limited activity; which refers to the challenges experienced by persons involved in this kind of life situation. Therefore, in this scope, it is crystal clear that disability is not only the condition seen in the body appearance of an individual but also the characteristics of the society that the individual dwells.
Another big question comes in mind, why do people become disabled? Many people confine their thoughts in the sense that only injuries or accidents cause disability, but many will be surprised with some of the conditions that cause people to be disabled. Including, medical conditions such as arthritis believed to be causing long-term disability by affecting perfomance3 of the individual at work. According to Matt Tassey, he says that having bone, muscle and joint problems such as fractured hips, broken bones that cannot be punctured and also having distorted backs may also lead to disability, this affects the standard movement of a person and even carrying on activities that rely on the muscle power. Experts also believe that people living with heart disease may for quite some time may have a limit to the ability of their score in work, as several studies show that, in U.S enough percentage of health costs is heart disease. Furthermore, mental problems are one big problem that can also affect the performance of an individual at work. Conditions such as bipolar disorder, as reported in the Fox News on Mar. 30 2017, a family says their niece who drove into the capital was suffering from bipolar disorder. The officers say that Everett (the niece) was driving her mother's car without possession of a driving license, this is believed to have been caused by the mental disorder as she could not even stop for the officers. The police further report that in an attempt to stop her, she hurriedly makes a U-turn, closely hitting the police; this is caused by the illusion of the brain. Therefore, mental disorders such depression and the bipolar disorders affect people's social security which is also a disability.
For a further understanding of health, functioning, and disability, the International Classification of Functioning creates a basis of knowledge of the same. The addresses issues related to health, concepts such as quality of life (QoL), give a hand to the knowing of operations of health as part of human health, serving as the basis of operationalization. Disability can also be compared with things such as handicap which describes a person with an extended disability. More accurate terms have also been used in describing people with disability, such as blind, to mean having no sight and to be obvious impaired meaning to be having limited vision.
In conclusion, there is a different knowledge on disability as many seek to understand the precise definitions and terminologies that can be used to describe this kind of life situation. The paper extendedly defines disability by giving facts, stories, and examples that enhance the readers understanding of the same. As it is seen, disability is a comprehensive term that covers impairments, limitations of activities and getting restricted in some participation. Therefore, disability should not be taken as a health problem but reflects on individual body and the surrounding in which the person resides. References
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