Thinking and Intelligence.

The key differences between intelligence hypothesis are the considerations on what makes up intelligence. Although Spearman and Cattell concentrate on the general ability and particular abilities as the building blocks of intellect, the dimensions of various intelligence are added by Gardener. Sternberg, on the other hand, incorporates three knowledge components: theoretical, synthetic, and functional. Therefore, in debates about intelligence makeup, the variations in intelligent ideas are witnessed.
Being smart does not always mean being intelligent or creative. Being intelligent means that a person can easily acquire knowledge while being smart shows a person’s ability to apply the acquired knowledge practically. Being talented means having a unique aptitude/ability to do something that is normally hard. Being intelligent only shows one’s mental capacity for memory and learning.
IQ and other standardized tests are not fair because they only evaluate memory capacity. These tests disregard evaluating how a person can practically apply knowledge that will be acquired. These tests do not measure creativity, wisdom and even adaptability into the society. In his TED talk, Bob Sternberg identifies pseudo-quantification as one reason, why the standardized tests are used even today (Sternberg). People are excited by discrete numbers, Bob explains.
Work cited.
“None of The Above – Why Standardized Testing Fails: Bob Sternberg At TedxOStateU.” YouTube, 2012,

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