Theory of Knowledge: We can only express our knowledge through art and imagination

Theory of Knowledge: We can only express our knowledge through art and imagination. Talk about it.
Art is thought to be the most basic form of communication used by artists to achieve their goals (Boundless 2017, p.1). It involves the visual application of human creativity and imagination by painting, creating works, and sculpture, among other things. Art includes various artistic activities such as music, dance, music, and images used to communicate or convey ideas. The use of original ideas to create a creative work is what creativity means (Yann 2012, p.146). It is the action of changing ideas into reality through perception of the world in different ways and finding patterns of connecting between phenomena that are not related as well as developing solutions (Linda 2014, p.1). Art depends on creativity so as to communicate emotions, ideas, representation and formal elements of communication (Beck 2016, p.1). Any method of communication is said to be a form of art and depends on how the artist is willing to explore it to present the message to the intended audience. Based on this background, one can say that art and creativity is the only way that we can communicate our knowledge. This essay aims at discussing this subject by answering two major questions.
1. To what extent does art and creativity interact when communicating knowledge?
2. In what ways do we use art and creativity in communicating our knowledge?
Real life examples
To what extent does art and creativity interact when communicating knowledge?
Art and creativity interact in different ways when communicating knowledge. For example, when making a cake, art and creativity interact by how the person uses his or her creativity in making the cake. Since art is embedded in creativity, the way in which a person expresses knowledge depends on their ability to relate or connect thoughts and application of that knowledge. Art and creativity begins interacting by how information on how to make the cake is created in the mind (Gurteen 1998, p.1). That is the basic idea of how to accomplish the task at hand and produce results that people can see and use the final product. The recipe of making the cake is the knowledge and it is communicate through art and creativity by how the individual uses skills and experience related to the knowledge to make the cake. Therefore, the idea, way of engaging that idea creatively and producing the final product is all about expressing knowledge.

In what ways do we use art and creativity in communicating our knowledge?
Art and creativity are used in communicating our knowledge when teaching students in class. For example, a teacher uses various tools so as to visualize knowledge to students including the artistic and creative utilization of power point slides when demonstrating a lesson. Successful knowledge communication to students by teachers entails using other artistic and creative techniques including visual diagrams such as drawings, pictures, sketches and other graphical templates that are ready-made (Leena 2010, p.1). Such techniques are effective in helping students gain attention when learning and can memorize the new knowledge obtained from the teacher.
How we can relate these knowledge questions to different areas of knowledge and ways of knowing
We can relate the above knowledge questions to different areas of knowledge such as science and art. For example, for the first question, science uses art and creativity in transcending the natural process of every other living creature. By applying technology, art and creativity interacts in science to express the scientific knowledge of technology through creation and production of new ideas and processes. In art, art and creativity interact to produce new and original works of art. Regarding the second question, art and creativity is used to communicating knowledge using different techniques. In science and art, art and creativity is mostly used through diagrams, images and pictures to explain and express knowledge.
They can also be related to different ways of knowing including memory and sense perception. People’s sense of perception determines how they view art and creativity in communicating knowledge. It is also in their ability to memorize what they have understood through art and creativity when expressing knowledge.

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