The War against Obesity

The War Against Obesity

Although the authorities and other stakeholders have come up with measures to fight obesity, the war has now not been won yet. The continuing rise of humans that are affected by obesity stems from the lack of commitment to battle the condition. There is no one way in which the war against obesity can be gained as it requires a multi-strategy approach.

Government and Stakeholder Collaboration

One of the ways in which the war against weight problems can be won is by the government, schools, health care authorities, and parents working together. This strategy is effective when addressing the problem of childhood obesity as it brings together different stakeholders who can work collectively for the interest of the child who is obese. Additionally, winning the war against obesity also requires each person to take responsibility for their actions. This includes aspects such as diet and exercising. People should eat healthy food, and reduce, or avoid the consumption of fast foods. The healthy foods include whole grains, fruits as well as vegetables, while the unhealthy foods that one can limit their intake include refined grains, sugary drinks, and red meat.

Preventive Measures

Additionally, the war can also be won by encouraging people to know their body mass index. This will go a long way in ensuring that people who are at risk of being obese take preventive measures. Moreover, people also need to be encouraged to reduce the amount they spend watching television and engage more in physical exercises. Furthermore, people should also be encouraged to improve their sleeping patterns so that their body can find more time to rest. The other effective strategy is to reduce stress, as this will only increase one’s weight.


Conclusively, winning the war against obesity requires a multi-strategy approach. A person who is obese can combine strategies such as eating healthy foods and exercising. However, the effectiveness of these strategies requires personal commitment and support from various stakeholders.

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