The Untouchables and Gangster Squad Comparison

Both, The Untouchables and Gangster Squad films display gangster activities due to the fact of the actual techniques that are worried in their composition. The two movies contain uncontested crime boss who regulations a drenched city in a vice with the corrupt law enforcement officials army behind him, implying that they have a comparable story structure, stairway shootout, and character assignments. However, the two movies vary considerably in the manner they portray realism.
On the one hand, The Untouchables movie is an extremely well-composed film that is unique that has employed suspense from its opening to its closing. Brian De Palma, the director, knows how to create suspense in the scenes which makes the film to portray some reality in the occurrence of events. The choice of music together with many outlook shots makes one not to predict what could follow another event. Besides, the director throws surprises in the scenes to make the events in the film to appear more realistic. He incorporates scenes of Mounties or a man standing on the balcony charging at the inappropriate time to demonstrate how gangsters plan and execute their activities. Moreover, The Untouchables has encompassed an amazing cinematography. The director of this movie infuses long tracking shots which follow the characters in the scenes from one room to another, further contributing to the realism of the events (De Palma, Connery, Costner, De Niro, Garcia, & Paramount Pictures Corporation).

On the other hand, Gangster Squad movie boasts of many components attributable to the superior crime picture. The Gangster Squad indeed is a top-notch cast that entails big-name stars such as popular Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. Reuben Fleischer borrowed the stylish direction from The Untouchables. Further, Fleischer based the movie material on the true crime book of Pail Libermann so as to show the reality of the story. The scenes of the Gangster Squad are pretty good as the gang members are dressed up in a way that portrays real gangsters (Gangster squad: Music from and inspired by the motion picture).

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