The United States Army’s strategy during the Second World War

Americans used a number of strategies in World War II. Now the Americans and the Japanese people are close allies despite being great enemies several decades prior. They fought a hard battle from 1941 to 1945, which the world still remembers today. The reason which started the conflict was the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. They were pursuing superiority in Asia and wanted to prove that they were above any other race. They invaded Manchuria in 1931, China in 1937, and French Indochina in 1940. The Americans were so angered that It made them see no difference between the Japans living in the United States and those who were living in Japan. It made the government send away more than 10, 000 Japan where the president called it a military necessity. However, they later came to realize that most Americans were also affected in the process. This was discrimination of the Nisei- people of Japanese origin living in the United States. They were transported by train. However, they were later compensated by the government following the cruel injustice that they had undergone through. The Americans at this time even invited the Mexicans who they had for a long time been forced out of their border to come and help them harvest on their agricultural produce (pg. 971).
It also followed that the Japan Americans also rallied against the Japan Navy. At first, the Japanese encouraged loyalty and obedience, but it proved to be futile after they were so badly humiliated at their own game. There are a lot of similarities in the fight against terror as in Japan they used economic prowess to try and win the war. On page 989 of the book of shi, it clearly shows that the only reason why the Japanese surrendered was due to their cities being bombed by the massive atomic bomb.
Indeed the Japanese lost later on and were left devastated.

Works cited
Murasaki Shikibu. The book of Shi. ” discrimination against Japanese Americans.” Pp 972. “Mexican Americans.” Pp971

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