The power of rhetorical appeals


The paper tries to unleash the power of rhetorical appeals (logos, ethos and pathos) in persuading clients or customers in any variety of advertisement. The paper is focused on two commercials; Donald Trump McDonald commercial and Burger King Cheetos commercial. In each commercial, the adverts take specific forms of rhetorical appeals to increase their chances of convincing their clients to purchase their product.


Affordability and availability of any product facing market competition are some of the key troubles that advertisers need to address to maintain and enhance their market share. Secondly, the market share of any product is always uncertain and customers want to be assured of improvements in the product’s quality to remain loyal. The continuous advertisement is one of the paramount factors that facilitate sales of any product. The quality of any advert depends on the different forms the advertisers use to appeal to their audience.

Donald Trump McDonald commercial

In the advert, Donald Trump tries to convince the audience that the product is affordable by saying that for just a dollar you can derive great taste from one big burger. Realistically, McDonald’s are known to every American but in the advert, they are trying to create an impression that these burgers are now available at a low cost and bigger size (Perloff 36).

Secondly, the advert tries to appeal to the customers that regardless of the affordability of the burgers, the original taste is still intact. According to a statistics, once any consumer good gets its market share, there is the need to improve the quality of the product but maintain one thing that pulled many customers towards purchasing that product in the first place. At a glance, most Americans prefer to consume McDonald’s burgers because of their irresistible taste. Therefore, maintaining the original taste is important to maintain and improve the customer base (Perloff 96).

Lastly, if the market demand is high than the market supply then some customers may opt to try another product to avoid the hustle of scrabbling for the little product in the market. Therefore, the advert insists on the availability of the burgers regardless of their affordability.

Burger king/ Cheetos commercial

In the advert, the advertisers wish to convey their market superiority by convincing their audience that their product is now better both from the outside and inside. They wish to convince their audience that a difference and better packaging correlates to the incredibility of the contents.

Firstly, the advert attempts to convince their customers that their product is as delicious as usual though they have done some improvements on the packaging. It seems that Cheetos do realise that changes in the product are accompanied by different reactions from the customers. Therefore, to avoid bad-imaging of their product; in the advert they explain the relationship between the rebranding and the positive product improvement leading to a mouth-watering product good as usual. The evidence is clear in the advert as they refer to their product as dangerously cheesy and creamy in the inside with a Cheeto’s label on the outside (Tellis 52).

Secondly, obesity is a health crisis in America as many people have engaged in unhealthy dieting habits. The advert tries to lure customers towards purchasing their products by arguing that despite the cheesy and creamy nature of their product, it is friendly to their health as it is not dangerous to the waistline.

Finally, the advert should always be sensitive of the target market. The advert is suggestive that their main target market is the female population as they argue that their product have no negative effects on customer’s waistline (Tellis 112).


The quality and the power to convince in any advert depend on the content of the advert. Therefore, the advertisers have to be selective of their language and use of rhetorical appeals to make their advert sensitive and deliver the intended information to their audience.

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