The Perfect Job

Many mainstream advertising events change the way we think about a “Perfect Job.” To that effect, many humans are left to believe that a perfect job is one that is associated with excessive salaries. The majority of people may claim that a well-paid job is the solely perfect job, but have we ever thought for a moment that while seeking a perfect job we discover happiness too. In life, efforts are supposed to bring the joy. What happens if we find a well-paid job, however we are not happy in our workplace? Do we still name that a perfect job? Do we still call a well-paid job that offers employees no opportunity to learn and boost their goals a perfect one? In my opinion, as much as people work to earn money, talking about “a perfect job,” one should look at the issue from different angles instead of basing the argument on money only. A perfect job goes beyond money.

A perfect job is one that provides comfort and peace of mind. If you have a well-paid job, you can view that as a perfect job; however, a perfect job involves various impeccable attributes. In my perspective, a perfect job is when you sit in your workplace or office and establish your own rules and schedule. This creates flexibility and independence. For instance, one can employ a respectable secretary and he or she can make your tasks much more relaxed and comfortable. Nowadays techniques and practices can be used for everything. Therefore, it is essential to have high technological know-how at work that will make work even easier. With the inventions of computers and office machines, you can make your job perfect by ensuring that you embrace the technologies to provide efficiency at workplace.

A perfect job is one that does not affect the health, nurtures growth and development, and creates work-life balance. Currently, it is common to work eight hours each day. Nonetheless, some individuals try to labor longer to increase their salary. To that effect, the idea of working for more hours to get a higher salary has adverse consequences on the health and can even make people spend less time with their families. One can not call this a perfect job even if there are high compensation benefits. For a “perfect job” it is essential to have an open schedule that allows for family time and any other domestic tasks. A perfect job would also allow for an employee to learn, grow, progress, and eventually contribute to the organization. Furthermore, a perfect job allows for teamwork and excellent communication between colleagues within an organization.

I recently spent some time with my friend who was not long ago hired by a particular company. The company pays its employees well; however, on occasion, my friend and his other colleagues have to spend more than ten hours per day working. They do not have time for their families and always feel fatigued at work. At first, my friend saw this as a perfect job for him because of the salary, but now he wants to resign.

People struggle to find a perfect job by focusing on the salary compensations. As for me, I never regarded a well-paid job as a perfect job. A perfect job is one that brings happiness through team working with colleagues, taking initiative, excellent communication between colleagues, and availing opportunities to learn new ideas, grow, and progress. Therefore, one must look at a combination of different aspects that make up an excellent job to be regarded as a “perfect one.”

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